Saturday, October 27, 2012

Japanese Maples and Me

                                      Japanese Lacy-Leaf Maple

I just read an encouraging article.  No, not in my favorite devotional book; but rather in my weekly gardening section of the newspaper.  It was all about those wonderfully colorful, dainty little trees known as Japanese maples.

They do not, as rule, grow very tall.  Neither am I.

They do not do well in full sun all day.  Neither do I.

(As it happens, we both sunburn rather easily.)

They have been cultivated for over five centuries, and thus they have an ancient heritage.

The Ancient of Days knew me "before I was formed" in my mother's womb.

Japanese maples tolerate drought well.  I have been in a spiritual drought for awhile now, and although I cannot say I am "tolerating it well" I am aware of it, and want to stay the course as best I am able.

If they are watered properly, they will put down deep roots in just a couple of seasons.  Otherwise, they can become off kilter in strong winds.

Just so.  I put down some pretty deep spiritual roots a few decades ago, and even so, God's grace is all that has kept me from being seriously "off-kilter" over the past year or two.

And Japanese maples are well-known as "corner bright spots" in gardens.  The sunlight brings out all kinds of hues and variations in their leaf color.  Cold produces red and orange, mild weather produces more yellow and pale green.

I truly hope to be a "bright spot" in my little corner of God's garden.

Japanese maples are frequently transplanted, and placed to greater advantage in a new spot.

I, too, have been a frequent transplant to a new place. While I had not moved in over twenty years, prior to our move here last year, in the twenty five years before that, we moved over twenty times.  It took a toll.

I am hoping that last year's "transplant" was, in fact, the last one prior to "moving on up."  But God knows best.

I planted a lovely little Japanese maple in a shady corner of my front yard a couple of weeks ago.  So far, it has been a delight to look at out my dining room window.

Hope someone can say I have become a good addition in the community garden in which I now reside.  In any case, it struck me that Japanese maples and I have a lot in common.
                                             # # # # #
Hope you are brightening the spot wherever you are this evening.  Until next time ...Marsha


  1. Hi Marsha,

    Enjoyed reading your post this morning. One or two sentences I could have written about myself.

    The Japanese maple sounds a lovely tree.

    God Bless - Nita

  2. We have a beautiful Japanese maple that does brighten our back yard. I never knew it had so much in common with me!
    I'm sure you are a good addition to your neighborhood, because you certainly brighten this bloggy neighborhood!

  3. Those little beauties and such a welcome addition to any setting...just like you!

  4. Nicely drawn comparison. Thrive where you are planted.

  5. I like how you compared both you and the qualities of the Japanese Maple. It's a pretty plant like you.

  6. What an interesting post. I am glad I happened upon your blog this evening.

  7. And being able to brighten any spot, no matter where you are, comes from learning to "be content in any and every situation". Love your lessons~

  8. I love Japanese maples, but I will never look at them the same way had said it so well. I too watered my spiritual life for years and my roots went down deep...praise God He did that in me, because as the winds continue to blow I am finding I can still stand.

    I loved this....great job! May you enjoy your Japanese Maple for years to come