Thursday, July 3, 2014

Wings and Cherry Blossoms

As a follow up to the previous post on happiness, I ran across this poem the very next day.  It echoes some of the same themes, which I found interesting.  

 Halleluiah ~ 
by Mary Olivar

Everyone should be born into this world happy
   and loving everything.
But in truth it rarely works that way.
For myself, I have spent my life clamoring toward it.
Halleluiah, anyway I'm not where I started!

And have you too been trudging like that, sometimes
   almost forgetting how wondrous the world is
      and how miraculously kind some people can be?

And have you too decided that probably nothing important is ever   easy?
Not, say, for the first sixty years.

Halleluiah, I'm sixty now, and even a little more,
   and some days I feel I have wings.

                                 # # # # #
Thank goodness we are not where we started!  Hope you have had a few days lately where you could "feel your wings."  Until next time ~ Marsha