Thursday, September 8, 2011

Whistling While We Pray

Item imageI simply hate hand-wringing and, as they used to say where I came from, "mully-grubbing along." (A colloquialism meaning to shuffle along while pitifully sniffling over one's woes  - never considered good form.)

The Disney movie Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs had a little song in it called "Whistle While You Work" and the dwarfs would sing it as they swung their little pick axes over their shoulders on their way to the mines.           

Now let's just think about that.  Their work apparently involved going down into deep, dark places and doing tough physical labor for long hours, and yet there they were - whistling along the trail.  You have to admire their spunk.

There is, however, someone whose "spunk" I admire even more - my son K.  Last week we received a tough diagnosis after his MRI, followed by a potentially gloomy prognosis.  It was, to put it mildly, a real downer.  He has lived in and dealt with some deep, dark places himself.

But by the next afternoon, as I was doing a little housework around his spiffy little house, where he generally lives alone, but where I have been staying during his post-surgery recuperation as he is bed fast, I hear whistling coming from down the hall.

I assumed he had his TV on, and it was so cheerful sounding, I went down the hall to see what program he was watching.  But it wasn't the TV, it was him, laying there working on his laptop and whistling just as cheerful as a little bluebird.

I was humbled.  He had just been told he would be in bed for more like six months, instead of the original three month estimate, and he had been told he has a bone infection (which is very scary stuff) and yet he is still summoning up the chutzpah from somewhere to whistle while he worked.

He cannot leave his bed (except once a week on a gurney when we go to the wound clinic - nurses come here to the house the other six days a week); he cannot go to work, he cannot even turn over without a great deal of effort; he is tethered to a wound vac 24/7; and yet - he can whistle.

What was he whistling?  "All You Need Is Love".    :) :)

So I'll pray while he whistles - and God will have to handle the rest. There is an old Keith Green song that says, "Just keep doing your best, and pray that it's blessed, and He will take care of the rest."  Isn't that always the way of it?

Hope you are whistling a happy tune today.  Until next time ...Marsha


  1. God bless you both. You're a wonderful mother, and your husband is a gem. I'm sure he misses you, but supports you in caring for K - blessings to him, too!

  2. He is obviously made of the same stuff as his mum. A strong character!! I take my hat off to you both. Sending you both lots of hugs.

  3. My prayers are with you both. What an inspiring, uplifting post. I love Keith Green, too. Nothing like the old school music to really get me going. Sending prayers and blessings your way-

  4. Wow, what an amazing spirit, in both of you! Prayers for your son while he is under this medical care, and for you as you minister to him.

  5. Marsha,
    Your son was given a great sense of God's love and parental love. I'm fairly sure he has seen your positive outlook on life and gains strength from your shining example. I had a very dear friend who used to tell me, "The Lord may not be there when you want Him, but He's always right on time". All good things in His time...

  6. Marsha - What an inspiring post. I'm just brought to tears by the indomitable spirit of your son. (And YOU are quite an inspiration, too).

    Will be praying for him - for quick and complete healing. And for you, as you minister to his needs.

    May the Lord be strong with you - the Light for those very deep, dark places.

    (Speaking of the 7 dwarves - I think you and your son should be nicknamed "Happy" and "Doc" - what do you think?! :)


  7. "Humbling" - you chose the perfect word.
    I am humbled by both you and your son.
    It sure puts my sniveling over trivial matters into perspective. I think Mother & Son sound much alike. You two are amazing.
    Sure hope your son's recovery is quicker than the docs are expecting. Amazing attitude.

  8. He, and you are an inspiration. I too am humbled and I'll be praying this recovery is quicker than predicted.

  9. So humbling to read also. It reminds me of the "put me on my face" book, When God Changes Your Flight Plans...this man also was given the ability, through God, to whistle at his circumstances.
    Blessings to you both...this will stay in my thoughts...a very powerful testimony

  10. Whenever I come here, I appreciate life a little more, I think. Thankyou for the life lesson in how not to "mully-grub". Amazing things we take for granted and things we learn from others, huh?

  11. K is such a gift! I think his attitude is becoming a gift to all who read this page. Tell him I have an antique harmonica which I don't know how to play, but I'm going to try it out anyway. The first song I am going to try will be 'all you need is love', for K. :)

    Such a heartfelt inspiration to read this.

    xo to K & mom!

  12. I'm always inspired when I come here by your positive attitude. And I can see that your amazing son inherited it. Thank you for the positive spin on a harsh diagnosis - I've learned something today.

  13. What an inspiration you and your son are! Hope that positive attitude is catching - which it is in bloggy land! Blessings from the Father in abundance!

  14. Maybe he has so much grit and spunk because he is living on the love you are giving him. That is why he was whistling all you need is love. Still keep giving him that love. It must be hard on you too. looking after him mst be a full time job.

  15. Thanks for the inspiration. There is courage and faith in this story, and we can learn from it. Thank you!