Saturday, November 19, 2011

What Are You Doing for Thanksgiving ? Part II

Harvest Turkey Thanksgiving House FlagYesterday we talked about being thankful "in" all things, not necessarily "for" all things.  And I will be the first to acknowledge that this is easier said than done.    

For those of you who do not follow the bouncing spot around here very often, I have been staying at my son's house while he recovers from a very tough surgery.  

Once a week we go to the wound clinic where the doctor assesses his progress.  This past week, as the nurse worked on K.'s surgical dressing, she chatted merrily away and finally got around to the upcoming holiday.

"So what are you doing for Thanksgiving?  Are you going anywhere?" she asked us.

I saw K.'s muscles tense up, but he didn't say a word.  I sat there mortified and mystified.  This woman is an intelligent, hard working professional.  She cannot be stupid; but what in the world was the matter with her?  We have been coming here every week for four months, via medical transport with K. laid out on a gurney, like a turkey on a platter, and she can ask this?

I tried to smile and stammered, "Well, I will be cooking dinner at K.'s house, as he hasn't been going too many places lately."  She finally realized what she had said, and then laughed it off. 

I am sometimes, too often quite frankly, amazed at the density people display when dealing with another person's long term challenge.  It is as though they somehow think the problem "comes and goes."  It doesn't.  It is there - every day - every hour - every minute.

If you have a tough challenge in your life right now, you know exactly what I mean.  You eat, you try to get some sleep, work when you must, and every waking moment in between all those necessary life activities you are thinking about, sometimes fretting over, wrestling with..."what if this"..."what about that"..."what more can I do?".

So how do you get through it, whatever your particular challenge happens to be?  For me, it is by remembering that the One who knows me best and loves me most is also there, every day - every hour- every minute.  And He does not forget our circumstances, does not lose sight of the details of what we are dealing with moment by moment.

He can enable us to be thankful, regardless, provided we allow Him to do so.  In fact, His word clearly tells us that we should do so.  Why?  Not because He needs our gratitude, although He blesses it; but rather because we need to be thankful in order to maintain our clear flow of communion with Him.  Gratitude keeps the pipeline clear and free flowing.

So what are we doing for Thanksgiving?  I am baking a small ham, and also a turkey roast (not the whole turkey) as there will only be three of us - me, K. and the LOC*. (*Lovable Old Coot)  But when we bow our heads to say grace, I will be truly thankful in my heart for the One who gives us the gift of gratitude.  

Hope your Thanksgiving is full of thanks-giving.  Until next time ... Marsha
                                        * * * * *
"Be joyful always; pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus." 
I Thessalonians 5:16 - 18 NIV


  1. I cannot fathom your situation but I totally respect you and learn from you. I pray that Thanksgiving is a blessed day for you, your son, and LOC. *smile

    Sometimes I say nothing or very little when I am around someone who has an obvious disability or handicap, for fear of saying something wrong. I'm surprised a nurse wasn't better prepared for such a situation. It must be extremely frustrating for your family when people misspeak.

  2. Oh my, people who don't think before they speak. I truly don't think they mean to be so clearly out of touch with reality, it's merely by accident. Regardless, it is hurtful & frustrating sometimes I'm sure.

    Hope you & yours has a very blessed Thanksgiving.

  3. Amen to this...I understand from the walk we are on...and have been for awhile...and yes, sometimes I think people can be so insensitive, but then they aren't in your world and really don't get it.

    God was just walking me through what you have is in my journal, and I asked Him about being "thankful" in all things....and what you shared is what He showed me also.

    Thanks be to God who is with us and promises never to leave.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  4. And all the people said... AMEN!!!

    What a beautiful benediction and blessing to read these words. I am both humbled and touched.

    May your Thanksgiving be blessed in a special way as you celebrate together. You have blessed me tonight! :)


  5. The nurses attempt at making normal conversation, did make things awkward for you. I probably would have been sarcastic in my response! Yes, things are different and how you would have liked to celebrate Thanksgiving and how it will be celebrated are not the same! God give you strength as you continue to give thanks 'in' and 'during' these times! Trusting that He will see you through! As hubby and I are facing surgeries during the first two weeks in December - we know that our God will not fail us - He never has, why would He start now! Have a blessed week!

  6. Gratitude is very important. I take a moment each day to think of the things for which I am grateful.
    Good post. Jilda and I are serving the needy at the local community center again this year.
    This tends to put things in perspective for both of us and helps us to remember how blessed we are.

  7. First, as a nurse myself, let me apologize for a sister unable to multitask (think and work). Secondly, as the wife of a minister, I must confess that you will not be staying home for Thanksgiving as planned. No sir. No way. You are going to the city jail in John's saxophone case right next to his Sunday sermon. A sort of when life gives you lemons number and you are the lemonade served up to about fifty of the Bride behind bars. We shrunk your Thanksgiving Part I, removed where you lived and the web link, called you just Marsha, and pasted it on the back of a 4x6 picture of pumpkins and a chalice. You are the bread on the Table of the Lord this year. Blessings with gratitude for grace on display. Kat & John

  8. PS Each prisoner will get his own copy of the photo with your story to use as a bookmark or to share with their family. There is little love and color in their lives but this will do the job. kl

  9. Honey I am so sorry that this nurse was so stupid. It shows sometimes how one does not think before speaking. Guilty of this myself at times but I am trying my best to be a better person.
    The only way I can get through these tough times are like you to pray to our Heavenly Father.
    He does know and understand our needs and thank goodness he is in our lives.
    I think of you often and pray for you that God touches you each day to help you. I have had quite the ordeal this past month that I can't even talk about because of the pain so I know when it comes to our children we feel the pain even more.
    I too will just be fixing a small ham because my sons are going to be with others this year so it will be just Christi and myself. Wish I lived close to you I would cook for the three of you so you could get some much needed rest.
    Sending you much love and prayers to you and your family
    Thank you for your sweet comments and prayers for us

  10. To Each of the Above:
    Thank you for your kind feedback and your uplifting comments and prayers. I am touched more than you know.

    Shotgun - I am so humbled and complimented that you chose to use my little vignette to speak to others. Thank you!

    Maggie - Still praying for you and Christi.

    Rick - Glad you are taking time to serve those in need. Wish I could "apron up" with you and Jilda.

    Sweet Tea and Mommyblogger - God bless you both.

    Karen/Sonja/Jeanette - I always appreciate hearing from each of you - and I enjoy stopping by your blogs, too. Blessings to you.

  11. Well the jail presentation went fabulously (if one can use jail and fabulous in the same sentence). Those souls are all having duck this year and they laughed with you and agreed with you to make the best of it. Then they asked John for any extra photo cards so they could have something to hand to a loved visitor on the day. You did good, God did good. Maybe "Lord, love a duck," came from a moment like this. Kat

  12. Amen to the Lord being there with you and your family just as if it were a big celebration somewhere. He is still the same. I'm thinking of how thankful your son must be to have such a loving mom. Happy Thanksgiving.

  13. I'm certainly guilty of saying the wrong thing at the worst time, so I guess I shouldn't throw stones. I hope have a good Thanksgiving.