Thursday, November 3, 2011

Nose Mitten Anyone?

Hand Crocheted Christmas Nose Warmer Holiday Cozy Mitten Cold Red Green White
It is nearly that time of year again.  The outdoor thermometer read 48 degrees a little while ago, and around here that is winter weather.  Forget fall.  You may recall that I posted not long ago that our area just skipped autumn this year and we went straight from summer to winter.

We have had rain, wind, sleet and epic hail already, and that was in July!  (Just kidding, but it was in early October.)

So summer is kaput.  Dead, done, and gone.  And this Saturday night we face another seasonal loss - daylight savings time ends.  :(

So now we enter that truly SAD time of the year.  No, not despondency, but Seasonal Affective Disorder.  You know, where you "get the glums" because your body does not get enough sunlight.  My mom experienced that, but probably one reason was because in the winter, she was always cold.  Cold hands, cold feet and a cold nose.

I inherited the cold nose.  Right now I must stop typing every few moments to hold my nose between my warm fingers just long enough to restore circulation.  Yes, we paid the utility bill, and we could turn up the heat.

But here at my son's home, where I am staying to help him while he recovers from a rough surgery, he likes it cool.  He has some medical issues that make this necessary for him.  Okay.

But "up the hill" (a few miles from my son's house, where we recently moved to the Sierra foothills) our house isn't any warmer. And why is that?  Because the *LOC likes it chillier than any normal human being should enjoy.  You could hang meat in our living room.  (I have considered hanging the LOC there, but why mar the vaulted, open beam ceilings with a big old nasty hook?)
(*Lovable Old Coot)

One end of our new living before the furniture arrived.
And so .... it is once again nose mitten time for moi.  They aren't expensive.  The one pictured above retails for about six dollars.  But it is hard to accessorize appropriately, when you are forced to work around a nose mitten.  My winter wardrobe resembles a mummy milieu...lots of layering and wrapping going on.

Of course, one can always resort to wearing a ski mask.  But then you are apt to be mistaken for someone who has nefarious plans involving convenience stores and lines like "Just hand over the cash."  No, ski masks are not a solution.

Oh, I just heard the call from the back bedroom.  "Mommmm, could you turn the heat down, please?"  Well, sure, son, right after I don my nose mitten.
                                                     * * * * *
It is a problem.  Oh, well, there are worse problems to have.  Better to have a cold nose than a cold heart.  A cold nose can be warmed up in a jiffy.  (Keeping it that way is another story...just saying.)

But a cold heart... not good.  Those can last for years, and create great pain not only for the "owner" of the cold heart; but for anyone unfortunate enough to be in their vicinity.

Hope you are warm and cozy this evening.  If not, for goodness sakes borrow a nose mitten.  But guard against that "cold hearted condition", 'cause that one is serious.

Until next time .... your nose-mitten-wearing fashion plate - Marsha


  1. I'm with you! I'm always complaining about a cold nose. My daughter made me nose mittens a few years ago as a joke for Christmas. She used varied fabric so I would always have something to wear for the day. For example - I even got a jail bird one to wear if I ever went to jail! We sure laughed! Glad you are in the same boat!

  2. This is the cutest thing!!! I never heard of such! I have to admit....I would rather be too cold than too hot! I can always put on MORE clothes but there is a limit to what all I can take OFF! I never thought about it before but I don't think my nose gets cold. Feet and hands...yes. I wear socks and we have covers in every room. Louis Dean is 220 lbs and 6 feet tall and he is a bono fide WIMP! He gets cold/chilly a LOT! I like windows open year round (we live in Texas so that's not so extreme!) We have learned to compromise. He puts on more sweaters! WIN! Win!

  3. Now I know why I love living in the sub tropics. I never have a cold nose, feet or hands. By the way summer is not dead and buried it is over here giving us joy. The skies are blue and the flowers are blooming. We only need T-shirt and shorts night and day. Soon the humidity will kick in and the the A/C will have to be cranked up.

  4. The nose mitten is adorable! I might have to look for one for myself for the two or three days a year we have chilly temps here.

  5. I was in Massachusetts this past week. Yes, big storm in October. Power out. My daughter is one of those who gets depressed in gloomy weather. She is a beach loving, Hawaii or ANY island girl. Sunshine. Warmth. None of which is in Massachusetts right now. It was very cold and I had to work hard to cheer her up. Secretly, I am happy to be back in So Cal where it is raining, but at least it's not freezing.

  6. Women can get away with wearing something like that but no self respecting man would be caught dead in one. It does look practical, however.

  7. With my greek nose a nose-mitten would be one WHOPPER of a fashion statement!! LOL I used to be cold 24/7, year round, but not sense menopause. . .I don't like winter - I'm the S.A.D. type too. Blech!