Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Have You Noticed ...???

Of course, it could just be me, but.....                 

Have you noticed that everything is further away than it used to be?  It is even twice as far to the corner ... and they have added a hill.

Have you noticed that the print in newspapers is getting smaller and smaller?  I heard that the newspapers are doing this to save money, so they can print more words on fewer pages.

I would ask someone to read it to me, but there is no sense doing that; because everyone speaks in a such a low voice you can hardly hear them.  Have you noticed?

And what about the fact that they seem to be issuing drivers' licenses to twelve year olds?    Then to top that, I went to the doctor yesterday and lo and behold, he was about fourteen.

And have you happened to notice how much your former classmates have aged?  I ran into an old classmate the other day, and she has aged so much that she didn't even recognize me.  Ridiculous!

And then, the final insult.  I was brushing my hair this morning and when I glanced at my own reflection I realized they don't even make good mirrors like they used to.  Have you noticed?

                                          * * * * *
Seriously, I hope you noticed something happy today.  I am trying to pay attention to any small spot of sunshine.  :)  Until next time ...Marsha


  1. What a coincidence! Same post title. I have noticed all those things happening over the past few years.

  2. The dialog on movies is not as loud as it used to be. I have to watch DVDs with the subtitles turned on. I love your blog and I'm going to follow you. I hope you'll follow me too.


  3. Thanks for the chuckle. My favorite trainer at Curves is the same age as my daughter, which certainly makes me feel "mature."

  4. This made me laugh out loud - funny post!!!
    Have you noticed though that some days are worse than others! :))

  5. I so identify! I know that there's a conspiracy to write directions on containers much smaller these days. I have to get a magnifying glass so I can read them. And that's even after I put on my reading glasses. And talk about the help these days! The teachers I work with could be my grandchildren. Having said that though I love them.

    I needed a good chuckle so I thank you!!!


  6. And have you noticed there are more spots and wrinkles than there used to be?....

  7. I am with you on this one......when my hubby and I are ordering movies from netflex I have to get out of my chair and go closer to read the titles...not that is not right considering how close my chair is to the TV.....

    Thank you for the good laugh this morning.....

  8. LOL
    Yes, the world is changing, at least for we Boomers.
    Have you tried reading the doseage info on the side of a cough medicine bottle lately? No one could read that itty, bitty, teensy, weensy print.
    They're gonna have to do better than that!

    All is good here today - hope it's the same for you!

  9. Yes, I HAVE noticed that. Glad I'm not the only one...