Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Helper ... and His Assistants

Still here in North Carolina.  Duke Univ. Medical Center is an amazing place - such dedication, such expertise, all displayed with gentle southern charm and mannerisms.

If the situation were not so serious, it would be delightful just to observe such professionalism in action.

Hospitals are all alike, at least in some ways.  Too much time, too little information - too much food offered, too little appetite  - too many long, long hallways, too little energy to keep trudging up and down them, day after day.

And yet, how thankful we are for those who have invested years of their lives to learn to do the things that can create opportunity for healing and health.

That is, however, all they can do, even with all their marvelous expertise.  Health care professionals (my own mother was one of the finest) can only create conditions and treatments which allow for healing and health.

But our Maker is the only one who can heal and keep us healthy.  We forget that sometimes, when we are desperately focused on whatever the next treatment is supposed to accomplish. & & &

Help us, Lord, to remember that you alone are our Helper.  All the others, dedicated as they are, are only the Helper's assistants.


  1. Marsha, I am sorry to hear your nephew is in a serious medical situation. Prayers for your family now.

  2. Very True - thank you for posting