Monday, July 16, 2012

Serving One-Handed

This morning I had the privilege of going to Sunday service.  There have been more weeks than not this past year, when I did not have the option of going since I could not leave the house.  Thus, I was truly thankful for the privilege.

It was a beautiful Sunday morning here in Paradise - birds singing, sunshine, and pleasant thoughts running through my head as I drove the brief two miles from our house to the church building.

And yet once again I was confronted with the unpredictability of life's events, and reminded of how important it is to prepare ahead of time to trust through the trial.  As Riding Shotgun said in her post a day or two ago, she knows how to "trust and row" (the life boat) but she struggles with how to just trust, and let God take over. Don't we all?

The pastor was wearing a sling as he approached the pulpit and I wondered if he had sprained a wrist or something.  It was "or something" all right; a very big, very scary "or something."

Tomorrow his MRI results are due, and he will learn whether or not he has a life-threatening condition, and if so, will he still have two arms when he is finished with his treatments.  And just last week, he had no inkling that anything was wrong with him!

One thing I appreciate about this guy (we can call him Pastor L.) is he is pretty down-to-earth.  He talked about feeling like he had been "kicked in the gut" when he got the first diagnosis.  And he talked about having to remind himself, "Wait a minute.  Who do you belong to?"

This was no plaster saint telling us all about how he has it "handled."  But he could also joke about preaching with one arm, and learning to be left-handed, if need be.  He said it couldn't be too hard, as his wife has been left-handed forever and seems to do just fine.

Then he spoke with quiet conviction about what God orders, as contrasted to what God allows (for reasons we may never understand) and about the sovereignty of God.  I appreciated both his courage and his candor.
                                        # # # # #
I don't know about you, but I plan to get up tomorrow morning,  make some tea, read my Bible, say my prayers and get on with trusting.  There seems to be lots to trust about, and much that all the rowing we can muster will not solve.  Meanwhile, we serve a God who loves us even when we are full of doubt.  But I think He smiles on us when we choose to trust Him through the storm.

May you find rest and peace this quiet Sunday evening.  Until next time ... Marsha


  1. I sometimes find myself wondering when I hear stories like this ... how would I handle such a bump in the road? With grace and dignity? Giving God the Glory? Or panic and chaos? I'm afraid to think about it too much, for fear I'll find much disappointment in myself.

    Adding Pastor L to my thoughts and prayers today. Please keep us updated.

  2. It just shows how quickly life can change. I need frequent reminders on trusting God with all the big - and little things. Your pastor is a good example. I'll be praying for him.

  3. Hi Marsha,

    Wow, trust is only a small word, but what a big meaning. Think I would have to say, Lord I believe, help thou my unbelief.

    Thank you for your visit, God Bless - Nita

  4. It's quite scary how quickly life events can take over. Your Pastor L sounds like a lovely down to earth person. I wish him lots of luck and hope that it's not a serious problem.

  5. I appreciate this because as bad as my problems can seem at times, someone else's quickly brings me back to earth. I need to be thankful more often for what I am blessed with, instead of crying about the things I don't have. I too went to church on Sunday (after talking myself into going alone since my husband was out of town) and immediately on sitting down I had an overwhelming feeling that I was in the right place. It was a wonderful confirmation.

  6. That must have been an awful shock for him and his parish. I admire your continued trust in Him after all you have been through.

  7. All your comments here, are really good.
    They add to your already great post!

    Pastor L... we are praying for you.

  8. I can tell you first hand how fast life can change. sandie

  9. Trust is such a challenge for me. And yet I have seen over and over again that ...God is trustworthy. And yes, He allows certain trials in our lives that we may not understand. How awful to be healthy one day and then find out this news. Your pastor will probably learn much and teach you much through this time. Just the fact that He is trusting is a testimony.

    So glad you had the opportunity to get out and go to church.

    Blessings and love,