Saturday, June 20, 2015

Puh -LEEZE - Could I Be Excused ? - Or at Least Strongly Sedated

 Like many young people, there were quite a number of things I wanted to be when I grew up.

A flight attendant - only back then they were called stewardesses.

A teacher - of almost anything, but mainly of literature.

A businesswoman - because we didn't have much money and I thought all business people were rich.

One thing I never, EVER, aspired to being was ANY kind of technical advisor.  And now I know why.

I have spent a good portion (or a bad one, depending upon your point of view) of the past three days with computer "experts" who were eager to solve my PC problems for me.

Would that enthusiasm equaled understanding. On either side of the conversation, theirs or mine.

I have now been rebooted, refreshed, logged on, logged out, deleted, canceled, unsubscribed and reconfigured.

Subsequently, I am bemused, confused (but definitely not amused), annoyed, dismayed, and exhausted.

Oh, and after each of the three separate customer service / chat/ help desk experiences, I have been politely invited to provide feedback about my satisfaction level.

                                      # # #
So here's the deal.  I may be back in a day or two when I have recovered from the above mentioned trauma.  Or, it is entirely possible that I may never be heard from again.  Right now it is a toss up.
                                    # # #
Hope no one offered to fix your problem today; but if they did, I sincerely hope they actually delivered on their promise.  If not, you have my condolences.  Until next time (maybe) ~ Marsha


  1. Plezzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!
    Please don't quit!
    I love reading your posts (even this one)!
    A very BIG hole will develope if you leave.
    You defiantly would be missed.
    So, with that said, I have been in you shoes with computers, TV's, cell phones, washing machines, and cars.
    I have lesrned to stay away from the stero equipment all together!

    1. Christine, You and me both, sister, about that stereo equipment. I once actually considered having a whole-house sound system installed, as I thought it would be nice to be able to hear the music as I went from room to room. But then, when I considered the possible complications involved, I asked myself - ARE YOU CRAZY?
      So I still just listen to my CDs on a little portable Bose player. And NO I do not have an MP3 player or whatever they are. :) Hang in there, and thanks for the nice feedback. :)

  2. I know where you are coming from. I have an on going email problem . Still not fixed.

    1. diane, Right there with you. I am still getting "error messages" - but I am afraid to even try to figure out what they mean. I plan to ignore them unless my laptop catches fire.
      Better luck with your situation. - Marsha

  3. Perhaps this post is feedback? Mine is definitely a love/hate relationship with my computer.

  4. Perhaps this post is feedback? Mine is definitely a love/hate relationship with my computer.

  5. Oh, computer issues are sooooo frustrating and aggravating! Bless your heart!

  6. Aaagh on computer issues! Please come back soon...