Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tired, road sore, and home again!

Home,  ahhhh, yes, home again!

And, as the opening lines of The Hobbit state, "...that means comfort".  Yes, it does. 

We drove through 12 states in 5 days, we have seen more varieties of cacti (cactuses ?? whatever) than I ever had any curiosity about, and I have resisted fast food temptations more vigorously than any weakened older woman ought to have to, in my condition.

What is my condition, you ask?  Well, how about tired, cranky, stiff and sore.  (I should probably keep in mind that some, who know me best, would be asking at this juncture, "So what's new?")

Returned to stacks of unopened mail, courteously held for us at the local P.O., and retrieved by my spouse just as soon as the dog and I rolled out into the driveway.  He did not even come to a semi-rolling stop, but just slowed down long enough for Holly and me to make a safe jump out.  Okay, so that is a slight exaggeration; but if you cannot use hyperbole in your own blog, then where in the world can you use it?  I'm just saying.

Phone messages, indicated by the irritating red blinking light.  Don't these people have anyone else that they can bother, instead of leaving me silly questions when I am not even home to answer them?

Like I said, tired and cranky.  Stiff and sore.  But home!

Turned on the heat, and the water, plugged in the computer, listened to the first of several voice mails...put on the tea kettle, and made my first cup of decent tea in five weeks.

It is my firm conviction that one can obtain a decent cup of coffee in almost any location in the United States; but one can only obtain a truly decent cup of tea.... at home!   :)

                                           * * *
Thank you, Lord, for a safe trip, a home to return to, and for people who care.  (I'll be more grateful when I've had some rest.  Really, I will.)