Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Timing Is Everything - When Camping

Now where were we?  Oh, yes, that amazing collapsible bowl.  The thing is, it has a serious design flaw.  It does not slide.  So although that collapsible feature is handy as a pocket on a shirt, the fact that the rubber base on this puppy does not slide across the table, creates a real challenge in the "everything must trade places with something else when moved" principle. (See prior post Camping Cramps My Style)

When two people of goodwill sit across a tiny camper dining table from each other, they must be able to slliiide the salt, pepper, salad bowl, etc. back and forth as smoothly as butter mults on hot pancakes.  Otherwise, there is bound to be trouble.

The fact that this wonder-bowl does not slide means that it must be picked up and set back down in some other spot.  If the partner in the slide-dance happens to pick something else up and reposition it at the same time, well, you don't need me to draw you a cartoon of that little exchange.

Thus we come to the other cramped aspect of camping - timing!

We are blessed to have a queen sized bed in our camper.  But my husband - is well over six feet tall and he has the wing span of a condor; so this isn't all that roomy.

I am about a foot shorter, but tend to toss and turn and thus I need room to move about.  Throw the dog in on top of this dilemma (and while we discourage this, she often over rules us) it is problematic.

A simple maneuver like turning over requires the split second timing of a Three Stooges routine.  (Okay, I need to turn over now.  Are you ready?  Here goes.  Ouch.  What was that?  Your elbow?  What is it doing there?  Now that is going to leave a bruise.)

Sometimes it just isn't worth the effort and one is left to try to avoid complete paralysis of the upper or lower extremeties through a series of mini-crunches and stretches to try to get the old circulation going again.

The reader must be wondering why we bother with all this cramping, scrunching, sliding and colliding.  The reason is as simple as camping used to be.  More so, actually.  It is that the One who made all the wonders we enjoy did such a spectacular job of it, that even with all the hassle and lumps, it is worth it.

Once I watched a red-headed woodpecker for nearly an hour, just because he was there, and I had the time.  :)     

There is a little pond not far from our spot, complete with a picturesque cabin on its shore that is straight out of Waldon.  And the breezes ... my goodness, they just don't seem to make breezes like this where we live in the valley.  The smell of the pine trees  at 3,500 ft. - talk about uplifting.

So here we are, in Space #24 our favorite.  And no, the irony does not escape me that our cozy little habitation is called a "space" when we have so little of it indoors.  But then, we didn't come for the indoors, did we?
Do you have a favorite camping spot?  Hope so. 
Happy camping to you ... Marsha


  1. We love camping but haven't done it for awhile because of our crazy schedules. I agree - the cramped living is worth the end results!

  2. Oh you summed it up well...I haven't been camping in six years, and so miss it. We were one of those families with five kids and a pop try that one! We started out camping with a small baby with us, not the dog.
    The climbing over the table to get to the bed was the biggest deal.
    The wonders of camping make it all worth it...and I dream of being able to go again one day...for now our camper died.

  3. I haven't been camping in fortysomething years. But for a few years prior to that, in the army, I had all the camping I would ever need in this lifetime. You are a hoot.

  4. " But my husband - is well over six feet tall and he has the wing span of a condor; so this isn't all that roomy." Too funny!! I can see that you REALLY need to like the person you're camping with. I'm enjoying your great adventure!

  5. We have a big family camping trip every summer in July with all our kids, grandkids, relatives and a few friends thrown in the mix. It's one our highlights of the year and we always look forward to it.

  6. I love these blogs. I've never been a camper, but I am sure enjoying your stories. Our kids leave in the morning for camping in Colorado, they are excited. I know it has to more than compensate for the bugs, the confined space, and the lack of conveniences, because all my friends who do go camping absolutely love it.

    Happy trails!


  7. You make me laugh so, Martha!!

    I am soon to have a 4 year old back yard camping experienceand can't wait! Just hope the weather cooperates. I even have an air mattress...for ME!! Ha!

  8. I have to laugh at your descriptions of camping. Greg and I have talked extensively about the possibilities in our future. We talk and talk but only the Lord really knows, right? At one point Greg researched a camper called an EGG. It is one that would be easy to pull behind a regular car. We thought it would be fun to see the country at a slower pace. We've had many a discussion on how this would work sleeping as Greg takes up much more room than me and tosses and turns. I guess when it's time we'll have that worked out. Maybe one day ...

    In the meantime, I'm enjoying your camping posts. Years ago we had a cabin in the woods and I know what you mean about observing the beauty of nature. The Lord has created some awesome sights, that's for sure.

    Loved this post Marsha!

    Blessings and love,