Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A Charming Respose

No one can truly appreciate the charm of repose unless he has undergone severe exertion. ~ Dr. David Livingstone - medical missionary and African explorer     

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At this time of year, I sometimes justify my own lassitude by making sure that I read at least one "serious" book from the New York Times Bestsellers List while I am whiling away the summer afternoons.

It has been too hot to cook, too hot to clean house, and due to the drought, I cannot spend much time just standing in a tepid shower trying to avoid heat stroke.  It is so serious in our area, the water company is handing out free five-minute timers for making sure we do not inadvertently enjoy an extra drop or two as we bathe.

Thus, my Kindle is providing distraction and this week I am reading Into Africa:  The Epic Adventures of Stanley and Livingstone by Martin Dugard.

Talk about someone who knew something about severe exertion!  Livingstone literally walked all the way across the African continent at a time when much of it was still completely unmapped.

Okay, that makes my exertions of yesterday morning, digging and transplanting some decorative grasses (drought tolerant and deer resistant), watering, fertilizing, digging some more, etc., look like child's play. I'll admit it.

But you know what?  Although I no longer engage in "severe exertion"; I have known what it was like.  Aching back, aching feet, times when "I hurt all over more than anywhere else" - and no rest in sight. My guess is that we have all been there at one time or another. 

Yes, there is indeed a charm in repose.  An appreciation for a restful moment, perhaps a serene patio scene.  A frosty glass of iced tea, held lightly while swallowtail butterflies flit hither and thither.

That's charming enough to satisfy me. Add to it, the fact that all my hostas from last year came back up this spring, and are doing well now, and my ceanothos bushes are multiplying on their own... what can I say.  My repose just charms me silly.
                                                         # # # # #
Hope your garden grows merrily, and that you are able to enjoy a little charm in your repose this week.  Until next time ~ Marsha


  1. I am reposing as often as I can these days. Feel like I've earned some reposing for quite a while. (Just don't tell my family, or they'll have me unreposed ASAP.

    1. Sush,
      Isn't it amazing how often others want to "unrepose" us? Personally, I'm going to avoid those people like the proverbial plague. :)

  2. I think a repose sounds wonderful! Alas - I'm going to work today!

    1. Mari,
      Sorry that you have to go to work, but I know those folks where you labor are fortunate to have you there. Hope some repose comes your way this weekend. :)

  3. Walking across Africa sounds much like labor--the having a baby kind.