Wednesday, August 26, 2015

A happy goodbye

So far, it has been a productive day.  I sent the minutes of a recent meeting to all concerned.  I wrote a few pages of a manuscript I have been slogging along on. The house is in fairly decent shape, so no need to scurry around on that just now.

So I popped over to check emails, and there it was ... a message I had been half-expecting for nearly a week.  She is gone, for now. My friend and fellow laborer in Christ has been called home.  And good for her!  I am happy for her, really I am.

She had been ill for some months now, and she hated being dependent upon anyone, except Jesus.  She insisted upon still attending committee meetings, even after her lungs could no longer give her all she needed; she lugged her little oxygen tank up the steps to the second story conference room where we had always met.  Our leader was perfectly willing to move downstairs to make it a little easier on her, but no, she said she was getting along just fine, thanks.

Her smile, and jokey - poke you with a stick - repartee' were one of the first things that greeted me when I joined this group of women a few years ago to work with them in women's Bible classes here at my local church.

She was not your typical "little church lady" - she was feisty and she could be tart.  She brooked no nonsense and she definitely did not suffer fools gladly.  I liked her so much.

So I write this happy goodbye with tears in my eyes.  So glad for her, but cannot help but be sad for her family who will miss her so much.  And yes, sad for those of us who only knew her for awhile, but observed how she served faithfully, without complaint (okay, maybe a little griping once in a while, but very little) and was an encouragement to others.

Here is the thing I will remember about Effie - she was real.  A real believer, a real helper, a real worker, a real person - who really loved the Lord.

So as He bids you "welcome home" the rest of us offer you our very best efforts at a happy goodbye.  Please excuse our sniffling.  I know you had no use for snifflers.
                                             # # #
Hope your week is full of happy hellos. Until next time ~ Marsha


  1. I'm sorry for the loss of your friend, but so thankful she was ready and we know where she is!

  2. I like this. You wrote it so well, that we all are happy is is Home.
    Being a burden on friends and family is not how we want ( the end of our ) lives to be.
    After a lot of hard work, It sounds like she has found The Prize!

  3. What a beautiful tribute to your friend - so sorry for your loss…

  4. Congratulations to Effie for finishing the race well. ((HUGS)) to you at the loss of such a friend.

  5. Homecoming for Effie - a wonderful blessing for her, an earthly grief for those left behind. I'm just so thankful that we can grieve with hope, and with the sure knowledge that we will see our loved ones again. In the meantime, can you imagine the fun Effie and Jesus are having!!