Friday, January 21, 2011

A Spot of Sonshine

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It has been cold and foggy here in Northern California for weeks now.  And frankly, we are just not that hardy a bunch, as we do not have much opportunity for cold-weather-training, often having months of nothing but sunshine.  Thus, when inclement weather does arrive, we are sometimes ill-prepared to face it with a cheerful disposition. 

Well, I should just speak for myself - I am not that prepared to face it cheerfully.  As some of you have read, I just do not "do cold well." I do not snow ski, snowboard, snow sled, or snow-anything.  It is why that whole "Tourist Rush to the North Pole" business freaked me out so much.  I am still not over that.

Anytime the thermometer drops much below 60 degrees, I wear mittens; sometimes in the house.  However, our weatherman has assured me that beginning tomorrow, we are in for days and days of nothing but sunshine.  Hallelujah!

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My mother only took one plane trip in her entire life.  Her generation did not go airport hopping much.  I was concerned for her, given that she was such an inexperienced traveler, and I really wanted her to have a good time.  She was going to visit her mother in Southern Illinois, which at that time (over 25 years ago) meant she had to go through Dallas and then fly on to St. Louis.  She would then drive the remainder of the way.

When she came home, I asked her how the trip went.

"Well, I missed my first connection in Dallas and had to wait for the next plane.  And then they sent my luggage to Chicago instead of St. Louis, so I didn't have any clothes the first day and a half after I got to my mother's house......"

At this point in her narrative, I interrupted with, "Oh, Mom, I am so sorry the trip was not a good experience for you."

She immediately began to smile and said, "But it was."

Then she said something I have never forgotten.

"Marsha, I have seen a sunrise at 35,000 feet; and it made the whole trip worthwhile."

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"But for you who revere my name, the sun of righteousness will rise with healing in its wings." Malachi 4:6

I don't know about you, but in my life, on my spiritual journey, I have sometimes found that I had missed my connection to God's family, my self-esteem had somehow or other landed up in a different time zone than the one I was occupying, and I just was generally discombobulated.

I found myself with no garments of praise, and although my ticket had been punched, as it were, I seemed to be going nowhere fast.

And then, and then .... the Son of Righteousness would once again arise in my life.  There would be healing in His wings, my luggage was returned to me full of testimonies of praise and garments of joy.

Yes, in my life, and I hope in yours, too, I have seen a Sonrise, at just the right time in someone's life.  And that, my friend, has made the whole trip worthwhile.

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Wishing you a day filled with Sonshine. ...Marsha


  1. I enjoyed this post. Oh how right you are. It's all about the Son!

  2. Seeing the sunrise at 35,000 ft - that is a wonderful persective! I am visiting you via DJ's blog... a while ago you posted on "Surprised by Joy." I enjoyed reading your post and finally got around to posting my own thoughts on the book. I was scanning back through your recent posts looking for CS Lewis one again... couldn't find it but I sure enjoyed reading the other stuff!

  3. Say What? - thank you for stopping by.

    LittleWomen21 - The C.S.Lewis book club only began this past month - so we have only reviewed one book.

    But I did do another post on a C.S.Lewis quote called - Aiming High Or Not At All - and you can find it listed to the right on my home page.

    Have a terrific day - Marsha