Monday, September 26, 2011

It's The Little Things

Doing dishes the other day (here at my son's house) I noticed a little blue bowl among all the other more fashionable dishes in his cupboard.  I recognized it immediately and had to smile.  It was his grandmother's bowl; and while it is a little beat up and not very useful as it is too shallow for soup and too small for cereal, he keeps it.  (The bowl in the picture is  just an illustration.)

My guess is that it reminds him of his Grandma Lucy.  She loved that particular shade of blue - kind of a pale turquoise, but not actually an aqua.  She used to paint little end tables that color, small wooden racks that color, and once I noticed her little glass-front cupboard where she kept her favorite tea cups and saucers, and lo and behold, she had painted the back wall inside those shelves this same color.  She just liked it!  :)  Oh, and she never "painted" per se, she always "KemToned".  She was very particular about that. 

I thought about that little blue bowl, as I stopped by our new digs to see how the painting was coming along.  The painter and his helper had already finished the first phase, and I was pleased as punch to see that the celedon green I selected for the kitchen is just exactly what I hoped for.  (You know how it is with those paint chips - sometimes what you see, is not what you get!)

It is a color that I have had in at least three different houses, in various modes.  Once it was in a floral sofa, more recently it was on the living and dining room walls.  Now it will be in my new kitchen.  I just like it!

The living room, dining room, and hallway are all to be "tortilla chip" cream.  The master bedroom will be "bird bath blue" - a little more blue than just powder blue.  The L.O.C.'s* office will be "Seminole" (a basic beige - because that is what he likes) and the guest room will be ..... oh, dear, here I go again, just one shade off of celedon, it will be mint green. (*Lovable Old Coot)

We are not buying new furniture, nor appliances, etc.  No new carpets either, maybe some area rugs, though, for all the beautiful hardwood floors.  But the wall colors, now those I wanted fresh and personalized.

Wall colors may just be silly background for some folks, and that is okay, too.  But for me, the color I am surrounded by makes me either smile or ....not.  I am hoping to do lots of smiling after we make this move.  Goodness knows there have been very few smiles about much of anything else lately.  As some of you know, it has been a tough three months and we are not home free yet.

So I am very glad for the little things that can make us smile.  Birdsongs, a butterfly outside the window, a nice breeze, a great shade of wall color, all small things that can bring big smiles.
Until next time ...Marsha

Is there some aspect of your surroundings that makes a big difference to you, even if others might consider it a little thing? 


  1. There are a lot of things, I guess. I see dust and dirt that others don't see. The paint job in our new home needs to be re-done. The deck out back needs to be replaced. Crabgrass rules my front yard and it makes me crazy. Sigh.

  2. So sorry about the last three months...and yes, there are things in my surroundings that will bring a peace when everything else is chaos...and recently it has been painting walls to make a temporary home look more permanent to me, as I adjust again

    Blessings to you and yours..prayers also

  3. You know, I just love the fact that your son has kept that little aqua bowl! How sweet!

    My husband and I have surrounded ourselves with all things Old West, and Native American, and "rustic cabin." I've realized that it's not the things per se that give me so much pleasure, but it's the feeling they give me when I'm surrounded by them. They remind me of simpler times, they remind me of the mountains - they remind me that I am so very blessed to have a home that is peaceful.

    (And I have found out that there are many, many shades of "beige" that bring me serenity!! :)


  4. Clint - Sorry about that crabgrass! :)

    Janette - Well, they are ALL temporary homes, aren't they? :) Good for you for choosing to be cheerful and hopeful.

    Sharon - You are right, it is the feeling our surroundings produce that can bless us when we enjoy our home.

    Blessings to you all. ....Marsha