Monday, September 19, 2011

Sign Me Up - and Down and Sideways and Backwards and ...

Today we signed documents.... lots, and lots of documents.  Long ones, short ones, several that were almost blank, and not a few which were completely indecipherable except to the mortgage lady who simply pointed to a line and said, "Sign there."

We have bought our little "half-acre of paradise" and I am going to smile to myself as I drift off to sleep tonight.  But it has been a journey getting here.

My husband, the LOC*, is very familiar with how these things work.  Or at least he used to be in his former profession as a banker.  But even he was astounded at how complicated the whole thing has become since the "big melt down."     (*Lovable Old Coot)

Because I can be just a little obsessive (to which my three children shriek from the peanut gallery, "A little?"  Ha!) I actually counted the number of documents in just one of the earlier packets we submitted.  It was 96 (ninety-six) pages.  And that was just one of several different packages of documents we have submitted, received, acknowledged, signed and returned. 

You would think we were attempting to negotiate the national debt reduction behemoth, instead of buying just a modest little house in the woods.  But said modest cottage does happen to have a lovely stained glass window next to the front door, with a rose pattern.  I simply love it, and I have always wanted one, and never dreamed I would buy a house that had just the very thing.  It is almost as though someone designed this one for me.  Kaleidoscope 24" Square Tiffany-Style Art Glass Actually mine is prettier than this one, but you get the idea.                                                                                  

When I am "off the tether" so to speak, I truly hope to learn how to move pictures from my camera to my blog, so that I may share our little adventure with you. 

Until next time, stay away from all enterprises that require signing lots of paper, unless you just have to, and think happy thoughts as you drift off. ...Marsha


  1. Congrats- This is such an exciting time! I hope to follow along in your journey

  2. Our second son is in the process of selling their first home and buying their second. He said in the seven years they've lived there so much has changed in the buying and selling of homes. I can't wait until closing day for them when they close on both houses...eek!

    Now take another one of those deep breaths...and imagine the sun streaming through that lovely window!

  3. Oh that is wonderful news - but 96 documents! All that signing must have given you writers cramp lol. Congratulations, can't wait to see and hear all about it.

  4. Congrats! Nuthin' like home ownership. I have found that it is best to not actually read any of the docs. Just sign. Ha.

  5. There's nothing more daunting than a big stack of papers to read and sign. UGH.

  6. I hear ya, Gurl, we are refinancing our house and jumping through all the hoops necessary before signing on the dotted line, AGAIN.
    Congrat's on your new home - I'm HAPPY for you (and LOC)! :-)

  7. Congratulations!

    I with ya on document signing. I don't even like to sigh a check!

    Have a nice day :-)