Sunday, January 23, 2011

New Wrinkles On The Way

February marks six months of blogging for me.As I approached that marker I had to make a few decisions about about blogging in general, and about Spots and Wrinkles in particular.

First, I needed to decide whether to continue blogging.  It really does require a certain time commitment, and I wanted to determine whether I was using my time productively.  I realize that there are thousands of blogs out there and mine may only be adding to the general clutter.  (I am pretty sure that I couldn't add to the general confusion, as that seems to be at maximum levels already.  I'm just saying ...)  :)

However, each time I have been just about ready to close this blog down (or as they say, "blow this Popsicle stand") one of you has sent me a note to say that you found something genuine, encouraging, or insightful in something I had posted.  Thus, I decided to continue.  I truly value your feedback.

Secondly, I am by nature a fairly well organized person, and the willy-nilly approach to topics that I stumbled into has felt somewhat disjointed to me.  So instead of continuing to free flow from my little stream, I have decided to channel my contributions - however small they may be - into a more structured schedule of topics.  Several of you have set a valuable example to me in doing so on your own blogs.  Thank you.

Finally, while I am a Christian first - and I hope foremost - and I enjoy writing on spiritual topics, not all my posts will be in that vein.  Some will be literary, some news related, and some just ... well, as my granddaughter, Simone would say, "Random."

Thus, I hope to adhere to the following schedule as often as possible:

Mondays - Wrinkled Brows - Thoughts on a Quote or Word for the week

Tuesdays/Wednesday - In Other Words - I hope to continue to participate in this enjoyable blogging group.

Thursdays/Fridays - Visiting Spots - a review or quick recap with comments on various blogs I have read throughout the week, that captured some kind, funny, or insightful thought.  Kind of like an evening stroll around your neighborhood.

Saturday - Visiting the Youngs - may or may not write on Saturdays, but if I do, that will be when I post on happenings around our little corner of the world.

Added after the initial post:
[Well, case in point as to why I need to become better organized about my blogging - I forgot to include an occasional series tentatively titled A Christian in Corporate America - a career retrospective on my experiences from the back offices to the board room as an officer in a publicly traded corporation.  Hopefully, I can find the notes I have been jotting down for the past couple of years.  Wish me luck.]

                                        & & &
I have no idea whether any of the above will appeal to anyone at all.  But I plan to give it my best effort, and then re-evaluate in another six months.

Question:  How do you plan your blogging topics or schedule?  What works best for you?

I'll look forward to hearing from you. ... Marsha 


  1. I like your plan. I love being organized as well. I have a little "plan" that I don't always stick to.

    Multitude Monday (where I list 10 things I am thankful for at that time)
    Tuesday I Daybook ... just about that day.
    Wednesday's Words is when I list something from a recent devotional that meant something to me.
    Thursday and weekends are random.
    Friday is when I link up with other Military Spouses.

    I'm glad you're not leaving the blog world. I look forward to reading more.

  2. Say What? - Thanks for the quick feedback. I like your schedule, too. I will be stopping by to read your thoughts.

    Have a good week. - Marsha

  3. Sounds good, Marsha, I will be back. Although I like to be organised at the moment, it has to be on an as when basis that I blog or visit - Family and church committments govern this. God Bless - Nita.

  4. Just this year I have begun working a plan for blogging. It will coincide with work I am doing for church, other writing projects, etc. I plan on posting on Sun (Marriage), Wed (Jesus in Matthew) and Fri (Proverbs or "whatever")

  5. Nita - Sounds like you have your priorities straight. Good for you!

    Warren - I have been enjoying your postings. Your schedule was one of the prods that got me working on better organizing my thoughts/posts. Have a great week - Marsha

  6. oh what a good plan! I am still in the random phase of blogging, and I love this idea.

    I'm so glad you aren't going to stop... rather, I am excited to move forward and see what you are going to share on these various days!

  7. I know the concerns of blogging and time. I getting in writing moods and can write several - post-date some, so I can take several days off a week without writing. I am thankful you are still blogging & enjoy your sharing with In Other Words! :)