Monday, January 31, 2011

Packing Wrinkles

Black and White Cartoon of a Girl Carrying a Heavy Suitcase clipart

It all comes down to square inches - not feet, mind you - but inches.  And there are precious few of them available when there are three women going cross country in one vehicle.

Naturally, given our disparate stages of life, different things are important to me (the older lady in our trio) as contrasted to them (the two young women on this trip).  For myself, and I would suspect for most people of my age and gender, the watchword has to be comfort.  Comfortable shoes, comfy clothes, and at the end of a long, hard day of driving, a comfortable bed.

While I am not intuitive enough to know for sure what their respective key words for the trip might be, I am pretty sure appearance rates higher for them than for moi. 

Here is how I have divined this - their cosmetic bags approximate the size of my suitcase.  Now I am not opposed to cosmetics.  As they say, "Even an old barn needs a little new paint now and then."

But when you are in proud possession of "accomplishment lines" -  known in the vernacular as wrinkles - well, putting a little makeup on is like a drop of water into the Grand Canyon. It may do a little something, but it won't do much.  They, of the dewy complexions, do not need much moisturizer, so their potions seem to me a bit like gilding the lily.  But that is just me.

On the other hand, they seemed a bit perplexed as to why I would take up valuable packing space with both my electric heating pad and my electric throw (lap blanket for the uninitiated).

Let's face it, you just cannot adequately explain aching bones to those who have not yet experienced them.  It is like trying to describe heaven to an atheist; it is pointless, until the atheist has a different viewpoint obtained through a different personal experience.

So here we all are.... driving across the boundless plains of America.  The two of them looking good, and me just trying to stay warm and agile enough to exit the vehicle when we next stop to eat.

Now there is a whole fruitful area of discussion for our next visit.  Eating: what they ingest, what I digest, and what neither of us can comprehend about the other.  ...  Until next time, travel safely.


  1. Hi Marsha,

    I have been smiling reading through this post, yes comfort figures largely for me too, these days. But love your quote about the old barn, I too employ the help of make up but know what you are saying. Have a wonderful trip, God Bless, til the next time - Nita

  2. Oooh. I look forward to more of the inside scoop on your trip. Be careful. We're in the throws of a terrible snowstorm in the Plains.