Thursday, April 21, 2011

On the Move ...Almost

Today, I spent my time on the road again (sorry, Willie) but I was not making music with my friends.

I was out and about for some twelve hours doing research on our potential (and much-hoped-for) move later this year.

Thus, I toured five houses with the realtor today.  Nice guy, and what do you know?  He is the great-great- (and not sure how many more "greats") grandson of the writer George MacDonald.  Yes, the very same writer whom C.S. Lewis considered to be his role model.  Tolkien also attributed a great deal of his style to MacDonald.

A large, beautiful map on the real estate office wall led to a discussion of his ancestry, which is how I came to learn of his connection to MacDonald, which led to our subsequent discussion of Lewis and Tolkien.  Suddenly, I felt much more at home with this complete stranger who was taking me on a tour of what could turn out to be my new home.

Life is just full of these amazing, unanticipated, connections - what some have called "divine appointments".

                                        * * *
A purple bathroom here, a jade green kitchen there - you ask yourself, "what were they thinking?".   That is just a hair before you remember the gosh awful scary-yellow you painted a bathroom once, and then had to live with for years!

Good taste is such a subjective thing.  It is all relative.  And much that strikes me as ridiculous may have, in fact, been the fulfilment of another's dream of a certain color, with the sun hitting it in just a certain way, at a particular time of day.

Speaking of the light hitting things in a certain way, don't get me started on skylights, which have gunk dropped upon them from over-hanging trees.  Why do people build skylights underneath foliage?  I mean, I like a good ray of sunshine as well as the next person, but why invite ongoing irritation with specks ... no make that globs ... of goo that you must look at for months before someone has to brave the ladder, climb onto the roof and clean the thing?  I'm just saying...

Will any of these domiciles become our new nest?  That I cannot say.  The main thing that keeps me on an even keel during this disruptive time of transition is that I know of a home that will be perfect.  In fact, it is already.  I have a "deed", I have an "earnest deposit" of things to come, and I have the blessed assurance that it is mine, for all time and eternity.

Now there is a promise to count on.  Hope you are relying upon those very same promises.  Meanwhile, as we scope out the new digs, I will keep you posted (no pun intended.)


  1. You sound like you have made a good start to house hunting. It is good if you are not in a rush and then be sure you have the one you want. I believe it is a good time to buy in the States at the moment.

  2. We've been watching the show House Hunters and find the same thing at times - someone's taste in decorating! What others must think of ours! You've got a good start and hope you find just what you're looking for!

  3. Diane, You are so right, great time to buy and a poor time to sell. Unfortunately, we have two for sale and only need to buy one. :) But them's the breaks. Have a great day.

    Karin, I like House Hunters, too, and watch it whenever I have a few minutes. Thanks for your feedback. Have a good weekend.

  4. What an amazing connection to your realtor!! I bet that was an interesting conversation!
    As for the decorating...our daughter just bought a house. we feel it needs about 3 months of reno before they can move in. We know the 93 year old dear previous owner. Her comment on hearing family bought her home, "they are so lucky, the house hardly need to be touched before moving in!" lol
    Happy Easter!!

  5. I have so much catching up to do with you. I've been missing from our Blog Land for much to long. But working full time and dealing with many of life's challenges has greatly curtailed my time. But I miss you so I hope to read up on your latest. How exciting to be moving; hope this is a good thing for you and your hubby.

    May you have a blessed Easter!