Monday, March 7, 2016

Of Atoms and Archangels

I was doing my morning devotional reading this morning when I ran across this phrase from The Message version of Psalm 89:11.

                                 You own the cosmos - you made everything in it,
                                  everything from atom to archangel.
Now that woke me up and got my juices flowing.

As busy, hopefully productive, people we like to spout phrases such as -
                       "full capacity"

                       " significant bandwidth"

                       "span of control"

All the "words" we use to try to indicate that we think - or at least hope - that we have some range of knowledge, influence or competency.

We often delude ourselves.

Sometimes about the only thing I can operate at full capacity is the vacuum cleaner.  My bandwidth consists of the daily dietary challenges related to my waistline, and as for span of control; good heavens, I gave that up as a lost cause years ago.

Nevertheless, there are still times when I kid myself that I "have it all together", that I am in control ... of something.  I am just not quite sure what it is.

Then suddenly I am confronted with the eternal reality that is Him who knows no beginning and no end.  Who is self-existent, who needs nothing, lacks nothing, but who is eternally generous with all that He is and all that He chooses to bestow upon us.

It is He who runs the universe from "atom to archangel".  Isn't that just mind-boggling?

As Colossians 1:17 states
               " ... [He] is holding it all together, right up to this
                 very moment." (MSG)

                                             # # #
So, news flash for all you us control freaks, and get-it-together-junkies out there.  We can all relax a little, because the One who owns the cosmos, all of it, from atoms to archangels, is holding it all together.
                                                # # #
So let's unclench our jaws, our minds and our hearts, and try to relax a little.  Maybe just trust Him with today.  Just a thought.
  ~ Marsha

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