Friday, August 12, 2011

Day 31 - High Hopes

NO WHINING ZONE -Warning Sign- cry babies signs funny
Today begins month two of my 24/7 caregiver duty.  My son is making progress toward recovery.  I am not sure what I am doing at any given moment, other than the best I can. 

And please understand, this is a "no whine zone".  :)  We are thankful for good medicine and good progress.

Nevertheless, here is what yesterday was like:  (think the credit card commercial, this costs "X", that is "priceless")

15 - number of glasses of ice water - two trips back and forth from bedroom to kitchen = 30 trips

5 cath kit resets - three trips bed to bathroom = 15 trips

5 - number of loads of laundry - 4 trips each, to washer, load to dryer, load to surface to fold, load to cupboards = 20 trips

trips to store for various errands = 2

meals to prepare and serve = 6 trips

reset A/C up or down depending upon where his body temp is running (as a paraplegic his body does not self-regulate normally) 10 times - 2 trips each = 20 trips

trip to Big 5 Sporting Goods to buy hand weights, so that he can begin to rebuild arm strength for when he is allowed to begin to transfer into his wheelchair again = 2 trips

4 times to let Annie (his black lab) in and out of house - 2 trips each = 8 trips

Bring in news paper and pick it up to throw away = 2 trips

General conversation Q & As  and misc. request 10 = 20 trips

Total = 125 trips to his room or elsewhere

Number of times he said, "Thank you, Mom" or "I appreciate what you are doing, Mom" or "Please sit down for a while, Mom" - at least 10 more times than the total number of trips I made - once each trip and sometimes, twice = PRICELESS !! 

                                     # # # #
The book of Romans tells us that perseverance produces character and character produces hope.  Around here, we have "high hopes" !

Hope your day is also full of hope, despite whatever "trips" life is requiring of you today. Until next time .... Marsha


  1. God bless you. I wish I could somehow help. You two are in my prayers. Romans 8:28....

  2. The selfless love of a Mother...priceless!


  3. {{hugs}}

    God Bless You.
    Hope he's better soon.

  4. You are truly the hands, feet, and voice of God to your Son.
    You are not complaining, but I KNOW you are exhausted.
    Praying for you and your son.

  5. Our summer took us on a trip of sorrows. My wifes mom died in May and our son-in-law died in June leaving our 39 year old daughter a widow. To ease our loss we went to Yosemite on Wednesday. This helped to ease some of our pain of sorrow and added a portion of hope. Oddly enough both our daughters had gone to Yosemite in the weeks before we did to ease their pain. Tomorrow we go to iHop for breakfast, This always makes the day better. Have a grand W.E.
    robert-7000ft for pictures of our trip to YOS.

  6. May God continue to Bless and Help You - lifting you in prayer now. Nita.

  7. God bless you Marsha! I pray that God continues to give you the strength to care for your son. In Jesus' name amen!


  8. It seems so often that only after we're on the other side of a trial can we see the purpose, or the blessings/strength we've gained from working through it. I think of all the times my mother has been there to help me through a difficult time, and I don't think I could do any less for my children. Some of the problems have been really hard, but we've always been strengthened in some way by working together and supporting each other. Sometimes I wish I didn't need to have those particular blessings, but I've always, always learned something valuable when earning them. I hope your son recovers soon. Bless you for being there for him.

  9. May the Lord give you all abundant strength for every new day! Blessings!!

  10. It is a hard job being a carer. At least he appreciates it and you could be keeping fit with all those trips. Do you ever get any respite?

  11. What you are doing reminds me of what Jesus would be doing. You are His hands and feet, and I pray for daily strength in every way, for both of you. What a son... and what a mom!