Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Stay-cation ... on the home spot

During these lean economic times many families and individuals have begun to choose what are known as "stay-cations" versus vacations; that is, you stay home during your down-time instead of driving, flying, or skateboarding off to parts unknown.

Well, shoot.  When I was a kid that was what we did all the time; but I just thought we were poor.  Who knew we were actually, both socially and economically, ahead of our time?

Thus, this afternoon, when I pulled the old Buick into my own driveway for the first time in over a month, I knew I was choosing a stay-cation, and trust me, you could not blast me out of this room with a Molotov cocktail.

I am glad, almost deliriously so, to be amid parts known rather than parts unknown.  Ahhh, there's that cute little dog that just adores me.  She even remembers me, and promptly loses a little break fluid she is so overjoyed to see me.  

And there is the LOC* right there in his recliner where I last left him.  I am pretty sure he has actually moved a time or two in the past month, but from his present posture one would have to have a third party independently verify that. (* Lovable Old Coot)

And there are my roses blooming, sort of, outside the sun room windows.  Okay, they are not in great shape, but they are salvageable.

And tonight I will sleep in my own bed.  No roll-away for this girl, not tonight.  Truthfully, I know I really need my beauty rest (not the mattress brand, but the kind of rest with restorative powers) because although he is very glad to see me, the LOC also (ever the unvarnished truth from his lips) tells me I have aged ten years in the past month.

Well, gee, thanks!  You know what, I don't even care.  Some sleep, uninterrupted by beeps, alarms, calls for assistance, or things that go bump in the night and cause me to awake with me heart pounding, will be just the ticket.  

And guess what?  Tomorrow morning the LOC is cooking pancakes.  I am going to allow him to wait on moi hand and foot. :)

The guys (K., one who is down for three months with a tough surgery and the other, M.,  who is visiting from the Ritz and volunteered for caregiver duties) insisted this morning that Mom come home for a couple of days and let them handle things.

I was very nervous about doing that, as we had an "alarm" on the wound vac just this morning at 3:45 a.m., but we are getting the hang of those, and resolved it quickly.  So you know what?  They convinced me, and thus, I'm home!!  Yippee kiyaaa!

Of course, I called to check on the guy who is "down" and he laughed and said he thought about not answering the call just to mess with me a bit.  I told him I would have called every fifteen minutes until someone answered or until I started calling his neighbors and I have their numbers.  He chuckled and said that was the only reason he took the call.

"Get some sleep, Mom.  We're fine up here.  T. is over here cooking his famous green sauce chicken enchiladas, C. is over from next door, the Ritz guy is hosting the whole deal.."

"Wait a minute" I interrupt him, "You mean you guys are having a party the minute I'm gone.  Yeesh!  You mean I've been the wet-blanket for the past month?"

More chuckles on the other end of the line.  So 'scuse me, I'm going to bed now.
                          # # # # 
Hope you are also tucked in safe and sound tonight.  Until next time (when I am sure to be more wide awake than I am right now) ...Marsha 


  1. Sweet Dreams to a gal that's earned them...


  2. Not even a "Molotov cocktail"? Love your writing. You always make me smile.
    Looks like your boys have it under control. Get some rest!!!

  3. I sure hope you're resting and relaxing during this 'intermission'... it sure sounds like the guys are on top of things and they know you need this respite too.

    Home sweet home!

  4. Enjoy your time home. I'm sure it is well deserved, and there's nothing like home!

  5. Oh I hope you are refreshed...that you feel like you are at the nicest hotel on earth...that the Lord restores beyond your expectations.

    Oh stay-cations...been doing that for years!

  6. God bless you.
    There's no place like home, Dorothy.
    May God grant you strength and stamina as you enjoy some much needed time at home with LOC!
    (I love that name!)

  7. Rest, restore, renew, and take care of the caregiver.....glad you are home.

  8. I laughed when I read Sweet Tea's comment...I was thinking the same thing...there's no place like home. (We take many staycations too) Get so much more done and it's your own little piece of Paradise!!