Monday, August 8, 2011

Miss Piggy Learns Patience - Who Moi?

Former U.S. Senator, Fred Thompson (also an actor who played a D.A. on Law and Order) wrote a fun autobiography called "Teaching the Pig to Dance."  If you like like-hearted, but informative bios you would probably enjoy his book.  9780307460288

The title comes from a story Thompson tells about various useless and pointless activities.  Such things are like trying to teach a pig to dance.  He said it "wastes the teacher's time, and it irritates the pig."

Dear me, and here I have been going on about developing more patience.  Nevertheless, earlier today I found myself fairly irritated with a set of circumstances over which I seemed to have very little say.

It then occurred to me that perhaps God was taking me at my word and trying to teach me more patience.  Was I then, the pig in the "teaching the pig to dance" scenario?

It struck me as  a distinct possibility.  Suddenly I remembered the Muppet Movies wherein Miss Piggy would always say, "Who, moi?"               
Piggy ZeroMostel.jpg

Here is hoping that if God is trying to teach me more patience, I have not, while playing the part of the "irritated pig" also wasted the Teacher's time.  Now that would be truly a shame.

Clearly I need to pay better attention.  Perhaps, my prayers are being answered, but I am simply not listening well enough.

Who moi?  Hope you are not irritated this evening, and that whatever it is you are hoping to learn works well for you.  Until next time ...Marsha


  1. Oh I need to think what lesson He is trying to teach me as I set here this morning irritated at my adult children...and it comes to mind how easy I could probably irritate my Lord and Savior...but He is always patient with me, where I am not with my own.

  2. Rest assured of this (and I speak from experience): If God is trying to teach you patience, You WILL be taught patience.

  3. Sounds a good book. I think we all get our patience tested at times. The older I get the more patient I am.