Tuesday, August 9, 2011

We Are Not at the Ritz-Carlton

I am presently not staying at the Ritz-Carlton. 
Logo of The Ritz-CarltonIn fact, I have never stayed at a Ritz-Carlton.  Not to say I wouldn't, if the opportunity were to present itself, but so far it has not.

However, while I have never spent the night at a Ritz facility, the fact is that my middle son lives in one!  That just seems odd to me.  This is a guy from a strictly middle-class family, with no rich relatives that we know about (or we would certainly try to make their acquaintance - just kidding :) ) who lives at one of the world's premier vacations spots.  No, he is neither the manager, assistant manager, nor even a bellhop. 

He is a musician, whose band plays in their nightclub in one of the foreign "vacation destinations" in Indonesia  (And it is so prestigious that even the president of the United States stays there when he visits that country.)  It simply boggles my mind - but it also explains a few things.

Because they are the "house band" and work under contract for six months to a year at a time, they are also provided all the perks that go with living in such a rarefied atmosphere.  He is hungry?  He picks up the phone and room service delivers whatever he asks for.  All expenses paid by the hotel management.

Laundry needs to be done?  You pick up the phone, fill out the form, and voila' the next day it all re-appears clean, pressed and folded.  Also paid for by the Ritz.

No need to make the bed, or hang up the towels, it will all be taken care of when the maid service does up the room.  And the flat-screen TV has about 500 channels - give or take.

So, then this ne'er do well, but lovable world-wanderer comes stateside for a visit, and well... we just aren't the Ritz.  What can I tell you?

He wanted a sandwich.  I pointed in the direction of the kitchen and said they were in there.  He looks puzzled, but wanders (he is good at that) over and takes a look around.  No sandwich to be seen.

"Uh, Mom, I don't see the sandwiches.  Where are they?"

"Why they are right here under your nose.  Here is a loaf of bread, here in the fridge are the mayo, lettuce, and lunch meat.  Here in this drawer is where you find the silverware with which to assemble the ingredients for a sandwich.  All you have to do is put it together."

"Huh?", he mutters incomprehensibly, as if to say, "You mean it doesn't come all put together?"

The Mom (that would be me) sighs and asks herself, where did I go wrong?  Oh, it was probably when I made those kajillion sandwiches for him, and handed them to him all "put together."

Towels on the bathroom floor?  "Oh, son (in a cheery little sing-song voice) I am not the maid here, I am the Mom." 

"Huh?", he mutters as he nevertheless picks up the towel and hangs it haphazardly over the rod.

"Oh, Mom, are we doing any laundry today?"

"I don't know whether you are or not, son, but I am running a few loads.  Why"  :)  :)  :)  And so it goes.

I could get irritated, but I only see him about once a year.  And I must remember that where he lives, everything is provided for him and to him, 24/7, all at his request and all paid for because he is a musician; and evidently a good enough one that it has earned him a berth at the Ritz for a year at a time.  He works there, lives there, eats there, and pretty much conducts his life within those 65 or so stories.  Who knew?

On the other hand, I am already on 24/7 duty, with his sick brother, so the world-wanderer is on his own, so to speak.

"Huh?"  I mutter to myself, incomprehensibly.  "Well, sorry, fella, but this isn't the Ritz."  I'm just saying ....

But you know what?  Decent upbringing will come out, because when it comes time to go to bed, and we are one bed short, because the roll-away bed I ordered last week has not yet arrived. The Ritz-guy, immediately volunteers, "You go on to bed, Mom, I'll take the floor.  You worked all day and I just wandered in."  So I did.  :)
                                               # # # #
If you are not staying at the Ritz tonight either, hope someone offers you a decent sandwich, or something to lighten your load.  Meanwhile, have a good evening, even if it isn't at the Ritz.  It is possible.  Until next time ...Marsha


  1. oh boy... what a life! I do love the Ritz Carlton, but free??? Yikes! Tell your son that although I don't really play them... I could learn to do drums if they are looking for someone. :)

  2. Laughing Out Loud here! Too funny. That is a great gig, though. Living in the Ritz!? I'd love to experience it if only for a week.

    So, when do you go visit him and get "waited on"?

  3. Cute post! I once had breakfast in one ($21!!) at a was fabulous! It would be a dream to stay for a few days! Can't even imagine living in one! Hope your visit is good and the stress lets up. I can commissurate because we are going through some "stuff" too!

  4. This is too funny! I must say, I would like to experience the Ritz for a few days!

  5. Hi..thank you for stopping by. I was of course intrigued to see what your Spots and Wrinkles were all about as I've a few of my own! *wink wink* I keep telling myself I must quit following so many blogs because I am filling up my hours way more than I ever thought possible with blogging. Yours is one I feel compelled to add to the list.

    On that note the first and only time I was at a Ritz was for our third son's wedding. We were given complimentary reservations for the weekend and it was delightful. This was outside Washington DC. I have four sons who I hope won't ever live at a hotel and undo all I've tried to teach, but then I think I would get spoiled with that kind of living myself!

    Hugs and hope to see you as a regular...I'll be sure to be one here!

  6. I really enjoyed this story and thought about my three sons, 17-21-23, who don't live at home any more, except for vacations and they think I'm the chef, cleaning lady, laundry lady at the Ritz. They do not get the Ritz service though. How long will your son be working there? Can he make it his long-term career?

  7. Sonja - :) - I think you have to love the drums so much that you start out with pots and pans and wooden spoons at three years old. :) That is what my son did.

    Donna, thanks for your fun comment. And I am praying for your family, too. Better times ahead.

    Marie - Me too!

    Sush, Thanks for joining in. The weekend at the Ritz sounds wonderful. Good for you - and I went by and just joined First Do No Harm. :)

    Sonia/Gutsy Living, Actually he has made his living this way for many years - about 15 or so - although in the early years I think they played a lot of "dives". It took a long time to land at the Ritz. :)

    Thanks to all the above for stopping by. Talk to you soon over at "your spots". :)

  8. I have stayed in one, but it was all paid for by business. It was lovely. I KNEW I should have become a muscian - what a nice life-style. You'll have to be patient with him - he knows not what he does. Maybe he'll let you come there and mooch off of him sometime. Fair trade, right?

  9. Must be nice! It's wonderful that he loves his job and has such nice perks.

  10. Don't beat yourself up. My son sounds just like that and he's never SEEN the inside of the Ritz! Aren't they precious?!

    Blessings, Debbie