Saturday, April 23, 2011

Clothed In His Righteousness

It is the day before Easter Sunday.  When I was a child, this is the day we would head to the department store (there was only one where we lived) to buy a new dress to wear to church the following day.  It was always called your "Easter outfit".  Even months later,  if you were going to wear that particular dress, you would say, "Well, I think I will wear my Easter outfit."

I do not know why we always waited until the day before, but that seemed to be the case.  Little ruffled dresses, patent leather shoes and matching white hats and gloves. 

Looking back, I cannot help but reflect that it seems somehow out of place that....

... we would buy a new hat to celebrate the One who wore only a crown of thorns upon his head

... we would buy gloves to wear to a church service to remember Him who had only nail scars on His hands

... we would buy new garments to commemorate the death of One who had only one good garment which the soldiers cast lots for

... we would wear new shoes to a service in honor of the One who trod dusty roads in worn sandals, until they pierced his feet with nails.

I do realize that our intent was to honor Jesus by putting on "new clothes" to celebrate the new life available to each of us through his resurrection and triumph over death.

However, tomorrow, as we go to church, I will not be wearing a single new item of any kind.  But I will once again be rejoicing in my heart for the new life, new hope, new opportunities, new joy He alone can provide to us.

God bless you on Easter Sunday!


  1. I also remember wearing a new Easter outfit each year. However, I think my mom handmade most of my dresses but they were so pretty. And white gloves, a hat and patent leather shoes were the final touch.

    I too will be attending Easter service tomorrow in my old clothes. But that's OK. I'm there to celebrate the new life I have in Christ. Through His supreme sacrifice I can live in Him no matter what challenges I face in this life.

    Happy Easter to you!

    Blessings and love,

  2. Oh Marsha, I just love how you said that! Excellent comparison! Have a blessed Easter!

  3. Amen! God bless you Marsha and have a wonderful Easter Sunday


  4. What a perfect reflection for Easter and the true meaning of it all! I think you said it perfectly. Period.
    Sad to say, I and most people I know, wear new Easter finery for the day. Happiness following grieving, I think. Easter Blessings.

  5. I hadn't heard the expression, Easter Dress, until reading another blog. Thank you for explaining it. I haven't heard of it hear. I like your reasoning.Happy Easter.(I think it is weird that we say Happy Easter, when it wasn't for Jesus.But I guess a new life is.

  6. Thank you, to each of you who took the time to leave a comment. It is not only kind, but it is helpful to me.

    I hope you had an Easter that was full of reflection of what Christ did for us, what family means to us, and how we can best honor both. God bless you - Marsha

  7. This is a great reflection on Easter and how we are accustomed to celebrating it. Lots to think about.

    Only one member of my family had something new to wear on Easter Sunday, and that was only because it was her birthday. :)

    It's interesting to think about our traditions, where they come from, and what they tell us. Great post.