Thursday, April 28, 2011

Our Dog Does Not Have Fleas

Have you ever had one of those long, unbroken, string of days where nothing much happened and peace reigned in the family, both near and far?  Me either.  (Or is it "neither"?  Never can remember it correctly, either/or - neither/nor - whatever.  It isn't happening.)

Today, I have two rooms in disarray, due to preparations for new carpet being laid next Wednesday.  The painter finished last week, and it made no sense to put everything back in, only to have to haul it out again, when the carpets are installed.  So that means two whole weeks of stuff stashed hither and thither.

While I am not a complete neat-freak, I do like a certain sense of beauty, form, and order in my surroundings and feel discombobulated when I cannot have it.  But life bunches up on you.

One of the two disassembled rooms, also has a guest sleeping in it at the moment, due to the occupant having been up all night at the hospital waiting for the birth of her first grandchildren, twin baby girls.  They arrived a couple of hours ago, and thus our daughter/guest from out-of-town is asleep in a room with no pictures on the walls, no shelves in the bookcases, and no amenities to be found anywhere.  Freshly painted walls and clean sheets were all we could offer at the moment.  But when life bunches up on you, what else can you do?

My realtor called yesterday, and emailed me this morning, that the contract on a house I am trying to sell (in the worst real estate market in seventy years) has just hit a snag and may fall through.  Life bunches up on you.

The LOC (Lovable Old Coot) to whom I am married, is nursing a sliced hand, skinned leg and sore back, after a stack of folding chairs fell off the pallet at church last Sunday directly on to him, and thus we spent Easter afternoon at the ER while they checked him out and put in a few stitches.  He was just trying to help out, it wasn't even his day to usher; but life bunches up on you.

I could go on, but let's not.  Looking on the bright side, the dog doesn't have fleas, my oven does not need to be cleaned, we have not been hit by a tornado, and I have not shrunk any favorite shirts in the wash ... not, at least, so far this week.  Ruined two last week.

Okay, it may not be much to brag about, but when life bunches up on you, you take what you can get and learn to be grateful.  :)

Hope you and your bunch are doing well. ...Marsha


  1. Oh that is my new favorite saying..."when life bunches up on you!" that is great and from your other post, what do we do? We laugh and send the devil running!!

    Blessings to you and rejoicing your dog doesn't have fleas, now who wants fleas in new carpet....enjoy the new look after it is all finished, rejoice with those precious twin babies...and I pray you have a slower week with all your body pieces in the right place...on your potato head.

  2. HI, Life certainly does bunche up on you- what a lovely saying, when it does, its no laughing matter, but your post did make me smile

    God Bless - Nita

  3. SO true!!! My last 6 months has been like this....maybe last year! Really it's been the last 10 years!! Seriously. It's tiring...till I see someone worse off. And there are plenty of those.

  4. Yes life happens when least expected, lol.. you are handling it well I must say; I wish I could say my dog does not have fleas, ugh## a constant battle with an inside pet here. Thank you for visiting my blog I enjoyed seeing you there, Hope you have a great Friday, Be Blessed, Barbara ♥

  5. oh so true, and sometimes those 'bunches' threaten to wipe the smile right off of my face, but not you! Good girl! I'd say your recent bout with bunches has not removed the humor from your heart... even if it may have seemed so for a bit.


  6. Yes - Life does bunch up on us at times! I'm so glad we know we can always depend on our God - no matter what is happening around us.
    I love your sense of humor, even in the middle of tough times.

  7. Congratulations on the twins and all of life bunching up on you! Some days I would gladly trade it for the boring same old, same old that happens around here. Enjoying your great sense of humor even as you go through life's bunches!

  8. I'm so glad to hear your dog "don't have fleas".

    If your husband ever wants to start a blog I have a suggestion for a title:

    The Lovable Old Coot blog :-)

    Take care and have a great weekend

    ~Ron...The Lovable Old Geezer :-)

  9. I have some bunches, too. ha! Such a good post for smiles but there's so much truth in it, too. Where there are bunches there are blessings.


  10. Life has been bunching up on us here too... though, today was very restful... I love the way you write!

  11. "Life always has a way of bunching up on you."

    This is probably my favorite saying of yours. So true.