Friday, May 20, 2011

A Boggled Blog

boggle:  to confuse or overwhelm the mind

One phrase that can almost always make me smile is:  the mind simply boggles.
Perhaps your mind is not one which can be easily boggled.  If not, good for you.  But if you do occasionally find yourself a bit mind-boggled, take comfort.  Here is a random list of things that boggle mine.
                                                * * *
* The way my dog can eat, matter how recently she has already eaten.  Same goes for the LOC (Lovable Old Coot).

* The fact that every snowflake is unique.  Can you imagine how incredible that is, even within just one snowbank?  Then consider the Alps or the Rockies in winter.

* The cacophony of noise that can occur within my own head, even sitting in a quiet room.

* The way babies can amuse themselves watching dust motes in a ray of sunshine.

* The way a child can be a toddler one moment and graduating college two minutes later.

* The way a parent can tell a hungry cry from a scared or hurt cry.

Life is just full of these little mysteries, isn't it?  Truly, the mind simply boggles.

Happy boggling to you today. ...Marsha


  1. There sure are a lot of mind boggling things going on in our world. I'm with you on the noise in my ears even when its quiet. My mind boggles at the invention of Skype so that I can see and hear my grandson on the other side of the world.

  2. * How reading a passage of Scripture can change my whole mood.

    I love the word cacophony! I know that is random, but when I read it above in your post it made me smile. Now, that kind of boggles the mind too! lol

  3. Um, is it okay if adults amuse themselves by watching dust motes? (I hope so.) :)