Friday, May 13, 2011

The Mess Has Moved

Note:  Due to website maintenance by Bogger yesterday, this series on house re-do projects was somehow deleted.  The next post in the series, Sorting, Re-sorting, and Resorting to Subterfuge was also deleted and will be re-posted later today.  This post was originally published earlier this week. 

Lately we have been living in the middle of a mess.  And I don't like it one little bit!  We have been renovating the only two rooms in the house that did not get a makeover five years ago, when we "re-did" the rest of it.

Why leave those two rooms undone?  It is a fair question and I have half an answer.  We did not plan it that way, but the work that had been scheduled for weeks, and an emergency surgery (mine) that jumped up unexpectedly - occured on the same week, five years ago. I needed one bedroom from which to recuperate, while workmen traipsed up and down our hallway and stairs, hauling ladders, paint cans, and carpet rolls.

The "other room" - well, what can I tell you?  It is variously either our home office, my husband's "man-cave", or the general junk catcher.  Whatever it is, it isn't pretty, on a good day - and lately we have not seen one of those.

But today we began the clean-up phase of the latest re-do.  Dressers  and bookcases that have been standing in the upstairs landing for the past three weeks, have been put back in place.  I can finally reach the linen cupboard which has been inaccessible during the re-do.  I have been folding towels and sheets and laying them on stacks of books in the hallway, then averting my eyes whenever I had to pass that way during the day.  This in the spirit of "if you cannot fix it, don't dwell on it.".  :)

The good news is that the new paint and carpet match the new duvet in the guest bedroom just about to perfection.  Probably dumb luck, but I'll take it

The LOC (Lovable Old Coot) has actually agreed to give away some monitors, keyboards, etc. that we have not used in a decade or so. This is, believe it or not, progress of a major sort. He insists that some of his computer equipment is vintage, real geek- antiques. Yeah, right.  And my old jeans, with the bleach spots, are the latest rage on the runway.

Now, if I could just figure out where to stash all my scrapbooking stuff, so that it was invisible.  Why is it that there is a sudden abundance of man-caves in the land, but we hear nothing of lady-caves?

Oh, wait, I know.  It is because we would not settle for a cave, we would insist on at least a small cabin, preferrably with gingham  curtains and a matching quilt.  And that would be just for starters! :)

In any case, the mess has been removed from the upstairs hallway, and we are now in the process of restoring order on the north side of the house.

Of course, the sun room and back patio still need attention, but that is for another day.  It just never ends, does it?

Hope there is order in your little corner of the world today.


  1. This made me smile. Mostly because our "at home date night" turned into a "let's re-arrange furniture because Cheryl has an idea". LOL Glad my LOC (love that!) was a good sport about it.

    I love redecorating! Well, I love the end result, not the actual work. :o)

  2. How exciting to get renovate that room ...finally! There's always something left to do though isn't there?

    Hugs to you,

  3. That's why we simply up and moved! No more renos for moi! Love the way you write about your adventures in the HGTV series happening at your house! I love watching others doing the renos!