Monday, February 13, 2012

God Is Not Disgusted With Us - Wrinkled Brows

Wrinkled Brows is an occasional Monday series on a word or a quote of interest (perhaps only to me).
stock photo : dove stained glass window
The sun back lit the stained glass window showing the beautiful dove of peace in its rays.  The musicians were lively and still reverent.  And there was a special celebration in the morning service yesterday, as twelve new believers followed the example of Jesus in water baptism.

That was all beautiful enough that I would have left the sanctuary uplifted in my spirit.  But then, during his message, the pastor tossed off a line that made me sit straight up.

"God is not disgusted with you.  He delights in you."

Wow!  When did I forget this? 

How long had it been since I was reminded that God likes me?  He enjoys my company!  What an amazing reality.

As C.S. Lewis once wrote in the Screwtape Letters, through the character of Screwtape to his younger trainee, "God loves the hairy little bipeds.  He really does."  It was amazing to the evil Screwtape and his master.  They kept looking for "the catch" - some other explanation.  But there was none.

                                            # # # # #

Has it been awhile since you remembered that God enjoys your company?  If so, spend a little time with Him today, and be reminded of how valuable you are to Him.

Until next time ...Marsha


  1. So very true. Thank you for the reminder.

  2. A Beautiful Reality which always makes me thankful!

  3. I confess to forgetting that reality sometimes too. It is so overwhelming when I dwell on it, and it renews my own sense of who I am, because He loves me.

  4. Hi Marsha,
    I've been out and about from blog land and just spent some time catching up on your posts. First off, I had a big chuckle over the Ruth Graham quote and related to it as well.

    I do think it's hard to understand how people react in certain situations. When my grandmother was dying my Dad was going through one of his many periods of depression. I remember sitting with her and listening to her wonder where he I searched for just the right words, she looked at me and said..."It doesn't matter, he just can't watch me die." I always wondered if it was because she loved him so dearly that she could forgive him so readily. I know there was truth in her words, but this was from the same man that had raised me to 'show up' no matter the circumstances.

    Which brings me to your post today. I sure hope He delights in me, there are so many times I am disappointed with myself it is a good reminder that I have the unconditional love of my Father. With that knowledge comes peace...


    1. Sush,
      Welcome back - so nice to hear from you.

      It is hard to "forgive" those who behave in such unlovable ways. But then, none of us deserves God's love, and yet, as you say, it is always unconditional toward us. How thankful that makes me.

      Blessings to you today - Marsha

  5. Sounds like your pastor is speaking the truth over your congregation like our pastor is also..Praise God!, we need to hear that. We will be having baptisms next Sunday...I can't wait, each will share their testimony first...that is always a reminder of how Great Our God is, and His redemption story.

  6. What a great thought to tuck in our pockets and have with us every day. Sometimes it's hard to remember that He always loves us, but when you stop to think he is our Father - what good father doesn't always love his children?