Sunday, February 26, 2012

Spots of Joy and Irritation

deer5.jpg - 58.5 KTwo, four, no ... wait... four more ... eight - no, there's two more ... ten!  We have ten deer in our backyard! 

The LOC* and I look at each other with wonder reflected in our eyes.  How is it that we could be so fortunate as to live here, where we can look out our own back windows (or the front ones, for that matter) and watch deer wandering about? (*Lovable Old Coot)

"Thank you", said the LOC to me the other day as we scampered from window to window for the best views.

"For what", I asked?

"For getting us to move here."

Ahhhh, now there was a satisfying moment.  This move did not come about easily.  It took two years, looking at more than twenty houses, and then occurred in the middle of a family illness which meant the logistics were daunting.

But we are here.  Right where we want to be.  It isn't elaborate.  It isn't large.  But it is just right for us.  How thankful we are.

                                                     # # # # #
And while peace and joy reign, I pull my favorite lavender sweater out of the dryer and ..... oh, rats!  The grease spot did not come out.  And I pre-treated it, scrubbing it a little by hand so as not to ruin the finish (the thing is 78% pure silk, the label informs me) and what do I get for my effort? 

A grease spot, right in the front.  I knew I should not have tried to cook anything while wearing it.  But I was at K.'s, trying to fix his breakfast while also trying to get to church on time and ... well, there you have it.  My best knit top with a blotch on it.

Click to show "Scarves" result 15Sighhhhh.  Oh, well, what else are scarves for?  How often people have remarked upon my scarf collection, and the seeming "flair" I have for tying, draping and flipping them.  Little do they know that the position of the scarf is likely determined by just where the spot is that I am trying to cover.
                                                 # # # # #

So it is off to church with a combination of joy and irritation in my day.  Isn't that just the way it goes?  Still, thank goodness for deer, and for peace and hope, and yes, for scarves, too.

Hope your day is full of joy and hope, and that your irritation spots are very small ones.  Until next time ... Marsha


  1. It sounds like the beauty of seeing deer offset the greece spot...I know what you mean about scarves....I collect them as well and it's amazing all the things they can cover and how much they can add to an otherwise drab outfit.....

    I hope the words you heard at church this morning blessed your heart and will feed you this week as it unfolds....

  2. We used to have deer in our backyard, but then someone bought a bunch of property behind us and fenced it all in, so rarely do they make it in anymore.
    I like your spot analogy and I think I need to buy more scarves!

  3. How fun to be able to watch deer out your window.

    I think that spot on your sweater has great significance. It shows that serving your loved ones is what's most important to you--more than silk sweaters, your image, or yourself. What a testimony to your generous heart and selflessness.

  4. Love to watch deer. And, scarves can hide a multitude of spots. Good attitude~

  5. To Each of the Above:

    Thanks so much for your kind comments. You give me too much credit, as the REAL great attitude is from K. who continues to recover, but it is tough going. Monday he begins four weeks of hyperbarric chamber "dives" - two hours at a time, five days a week.

    Onward and upward! Blessings to each of you. ...Marsha

  6. How lovely to watch dears roaming aroun your garden - I can only imagine how nice that would be!!!
    It is so annoying to get a spark of fat on your clothes - I have done it numerous times and every time I say I must put a pinny (apron) on.
    Smart move with the scarves - I must remember that one. :))

  7. I love the deer in our yard too. What a good picture!

    The scarf idea is a perfect solution. My spills end up in very conspicuous spots so good going to doing it better!

  8. Good to catch up on your story and your life with these many posts. I loved reading them all and marvel at the way that God's grace and love has carried you throughout your lifetime.

    Blessings and peace to you, and for the record, I'll take a few deer in my yard over a dead rat any day:)!


  9. How wonderful to have deer in your yard.A good idea for hiding splotches. Glad to hear you are feeling good about the world today.