Monday, June 4, 2012

Begone the blues! Begonias are here!

Click to show "Begonia" result 16Around here the first thing you think about, when you think about planting anything, is whether it is on the deer's preferred menu.  If they like it, better skip it.  If they are hungry enough, they will eat it even if they don't like it.           

I am researching, non-obstructive-view fence contractors, and hope to have a small flower garden area fenced off from these doggoned deer soon.  I had no idea when we moved here last fall that they are more like goats when it comes to what they will eat.  Pretty much anything that doesn't eat them first.

But I just could not wait until the fence gets built.  So today I bought some begonias.  Just the fun of getting out my gardening gloves, and washing off my tool carry-all, and wiping off my tools, and dragging hoses around, snipping, digging, watering ... well, color me happy.

Sure it is just three small containers planted.  Nothing fancy, just something that was left here from the prior owners.  But it is a start.

Nothing banishes the blues like a little gardening.  And while, frankly, begonias aren't my favorites they will likely grow (provided they don't get eaten first) in the shady planters near our back patio.

I have taken sensible precautions:  sprayed 'em with that smelly deer repellent.  Awful stuff, but you do what you have to around here in "deer country."

Still, even spreading slug bait felt like fun.  I know, I know, I must be hard up for a little fun.  True, but cut me some slack here, I did have fun - just a few begonias, no gardening awards in the offing here.  But lots of smiles.  

Works for me!  till next time ...Marsha
(Note:  I got to go "up the hill" to my house for one day last week, and I wrote this post that day.  And BTW - the deer did eat one of the three pots of begonias, but a week later the other two are still doing just fine.)


  1. Gardening is a great uplifting activity. When i garden I don't seem to think about any problems I just enjoy the activity, like you. I don't have to worry about deer but wallabies (small kangaroos) are my problem. We constructed a wire fence around the veggie garden but the invaders have free reign everywhere else.

  2. I'm not a "big" gardener, but I do enjoy the little vegetable and flowers I do tend. Most of all, I love checking their progress, are they blooming, are they still alive?!
    We have a little cottage in Northern Michigan, and I gave up planting anything there. It's like a buffet for the wildlife!
    Enjoy your time gardening, I do believe it's good for what ever ails ya!

  3. I love gardens - I used to have one - but my knees are not so good - but I love to see them. And love the fresh veggies. sandie