Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Three Prunes and a Peanut Butter Cookie

Giant Peanut Butter Cookies. Photo by Sharlene~W
This morning I began my digestive day with three prunes, Sunsweet to be specific.  They are actually very tasty but it makes me feel old to be eating prunes on purpose.  I always thought prunes were one of those dietary items destined to be disguised in some kind of combo dish.  That way you obtained the benefits of all their anti-oxidants and vitamins without being aware of what you were actually eating.

But no.  These days I know I need to eat my prunes and therefore, I just down a few (hard core /commando) with a cup of tea.

Ah, but then I decided to just go crazy and followed up the prunes with a gourmet peanut butter cookie from The Cookie Shoppe.  Wowzer!  What a rush.

I am pretty sure I will be able to run on the sugar high until sometime next week.  Of course the sheer size of that one cookie (somewhere between a pancake and a dinner platter) explains the hit to the old bloodstream.

But there is a wonderful benefit to this super-sized lip-smacker, I can bat my eyes and innocently proclaim, "But I only ate just one."

Ahhhh, I think I will go run around the block first, then scrub down the sidewalks, vacuum the garage, sweep the street, weed the south forty by hand, and then whip a dozen souffle's for the neighbors.

That ought'a do it.  Just in case you are wondering, I typed this little missive at approximately 120 words per minute.  Shoot, I could have written War and Peace in two hours if I had eaten two of those peanut butter cookies.  Yowzer!

I'm tellin' ya, John Denver and his measly Rocky Mountain High had nothing on me.  I am on a Peanut Butter Pinnacle here - so there!

Hope your day runs along nicely, too.  But if you are feeling a little sluggish, you might want to try munching down a peanut butter cookie the size of Texas.  It will fix you right up!
Until next time ... Marsha


  1. It's unfortunate that I LOVE cookies the way I do. I could probably eat 3 of them before I felt the sugar "hit". Sure looks and sounds good and you're gonna have a great productive day if you do 1/3 of the things you listed. LOL

    1. Sweet Tea - You are I are "cookie sisters" I am sure. But honestly, I don't think anyone could eat three of these puppies - they are HUGE! :)

  2. There's absolutely nothing in the world like a peanut butter cookie. Yum! :) And hey, prunes first? Sounds like a balanced diet to me. Ha Ha!

  3. you made me laugh. :) 120 wpm.

    thanks for stopping by today and leaving a comment! really appreciate it! blessings to you, and good luck with that sugar rush! :)

  4. I don't think I've ever seen such huge biscuits. Ours are much smaller here - maybe that's why I have to guzzle them in 6s.

  5. Hahaha!!!! Those sugar rushes can be intense! Prunes are healthy, so they cancel out the cookie...

  6. You gave me a big ole smile today with this post! Keep on downing those cookies girlfriend! I happen to love prunes or as they are now socially acceptable called 'dried plums'! My Grams made a batch of stewed apricots and prunes every week and served it to us every visit. Memories...
    Crank up the John Denver and enjoy the rest of your high...

  7. Oh those cookies sure do look tasty!!! You made made laugh with your 120wpm - there must have been smoke flying off your keys :))
    I love those dried prunes. But I remember when I was a girl my mum used to put tinned prunes with custard - yukkk I hated them then.

  8. I am all for cookies - as long as it's "only one!" *wink* I love prunes - unfortunately I could down tons of them, so I rarely buy them. They're just too tempting - especially (for some reason( those individually wrapped ones. They really do seem like candy. Have you ever eaten too many prunes? Take it from me - it's disastrous.