Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Missed A Season

Here in Northern California this week, we seem to have missed a season.  Somehow, we skipped right over fall and went straight from summer to winter, in about one point two days. 

Last night it rained all night, today it has been overcast all day, and tomorrow they are predicting a deluge with 30 to 40 MPH winds.

What, I ask you, happened to fall?  We didn't get one.  A week or so ago it was over 100 degrees.  Today the high is about 60 to 65.

My gyroscope is completely out of kilter.

In the Midwest, where I originally came from, fall meant hazy days, with piles of colorful leaves all raked up for us kids to jump into, and the smell of wood burning coming from the chimneys.

Now, truthfully, I was more than ready to be done with summer, as it had been scorching for days.  I just wasn't quite ready for what passes for winter around here.

Oh well, nothing to do but gear up, because I am pretty sure we don't get a mulligan on the weather.

Hope your autumn is shaping up nicely.  Until next time...Marsha


  1. There's still a chance that you'll get some Fall weather, don't you think? Being wet & cold is gotta be a shock after being so HOT last week. Got your winter pj's out yet?

  2. We have four seasons here in South Texas: summer, mid summer, HEAVY summer, and tiny little fall. Of them all, fall is my very favorite. I hope you still get a shot at it, although it must be lovely to be out of the 100's.

  3. OH wow...well perhaps you'll have an 'Indian Summer' and get another shot at Fall. I never knew what a real Fall was until we moved to the mid-atlantic. Now we really do have FOUR seasons. But we don't have grass that grows thick as weeds and lovely afternoon summer thunderstorms that leave steam you can cut with a knife. Or Mardi Gras, or Creole and Cajun food.
    But we do have FALL!!


  4. I think, in California, that the weather just goes back and forth, trying to get it right. I'm just glad we haven't had hot wind - because we're usually on fire about now.

  5. Well, we are still in summer mode here in North Texas! I do have the attic fan on and it is in the 70's.....but it is 11:15 pm!

  6. I am loving the rain falling in central AZ tonight and the cool nights are most welcome!

  7. I hate it when a season is skipped. But I figure that the BIG GUY is just trying to keep it interesting for us. Thankfully, we are in the midst of a glorious fall. Hang in there!

  8. Even the Midwest is changing - we haven't had "real" spring or fall for a few years. Today, when it should be fall, the forecast shows the high to be in the 80's for the next five days! Hello - it's October! (Isn't it??? I'm so confused!)

  9. Marsha, we've had a much too long summer here in AZ. It only dropped below triple digits this past weekend. Today we might get some rain and finally I can feel comfortable in long slacks. Can you believe it? I love the fall season and miss the changing leaves and the freshness in the air. However, we can drive two hours north and climb to a higher altitude in Flagstaff and see the fall leaves.

    So sorry it's been way too long since I last visited you.

    Blessings and love,