Friday, March 9, 2012

Costco Here We Come - The Spot I Am In

Note:  I tried to find an available Costco image to put here, but the ones I found came with a scary message about being "flagged for a bot" - so I exited in a hurry and will go without a logo.  Yeesh!

Today is the bi-monthly Costco run  - the day we venture down off the hill and into the regional shopping center.  The LOC* is jazzed.  As I have mentioned, our little hamlet is so rustic we do not even have a WalMart.  Imagine that! (Lovable Old Coot*)

We were running out of time to go this week, as today is Friday, and I absolutely refuse to flash my card and enter those hallowed doors on a weekend.  That way lies madness.

On weekends, small people are running around with sticky stuff all over their mouths, hands and feet, without any visible supervision and you venture into their path at your own peril. One must assume that there are parents or some sort of adult relatives in the building, but since the building runs to the size of two football fields there is no hope of intervention from that quarter.  I simply cannot save enough on purchases from a single trip to Costco to cover the dry cleaning bills that will result from one of those encounters.  So we stick to weekday visits.

Of course, trouble may lie in this direction, too; you can never really tell where a Costco trip will end up.

For example, a couple of times the Costco run has ended up in other kinds of quick-trips; as the LOC overindulged in the free samples being given out as handily as from a Pez dispenser.  I don't know how many times I must advise him that mixing guacamole and chip samples with chocolate macadamia nut cookies is not a good idea.

His inevitable reply is, "But they were handing them out free!"

Ah ha, the battle cry of the AARP crowed, "It's free!"

I asked him whether he would line up for a freebie if it came with a sign that said, "Come and get it - no extra charge for an upset stomach followed by a terrific headache.  Limit of two."

He does not deign to reply.

So we are off - to buy twice as much as we need, of things that come only in barrels, tubs and plastic wrapped multiples.  We have at least a five year supply of scrubby sponges, toilet bowl cleaner and paper towels.  The LOC believes in being prepared for price hikes.

"Yes," I try to tell him, "But prices really won't matter too much when they give all this stuff away, when our kids come in to organize the estate sale."  He gives me a baleful glare when I talk like this."

After all, Costco day is supposed to be FUN!  Free food and free entertainment (if you enjoy watching people do peculiar things in warehouse aisles) always followed up by a stop at the best (here I must agree with him) and cheapest (can't argue there either :) hot dog stand in town.  Those polish dogs can bark, let me tell you.

So, there you have it.  Costco is the spot I am in today.
Hope your spot is at least as much fun as a Costco run.  Until next time ... Marsha


  1. Oh, I wish we had a Costco near us. I hear ya about only going on weekdays. I try to steer as clear as I can of retail establishments on weekends for that very reason.

  2. Just stopping in to check on you and what do I find? It's our Costco day as well. Great minds? It's laundry and cleaning supplies for us. Not that you'd notice we are industrial cleaners here on the homefront if you were to check...
    Hope you enjoy your outing!

  3. I like going to Costco - you just never know what little treasure you're going to find there. Of course you must buy a case of the said treasure, but no matter. My husband HATES going to Costco - hates buying tons of the same thing, hates the crowded parking lot, hates the crowds. I can talk him into going about twice a year.

  4. you are lucky to have such a spot to be in. We don't have Cosco YET. It is promising to come. I think the southern states will be first, we always lag behind them ten years and one hour (they have daylight saving and we don't. We really need some competition in this country at the moment we are held to ransom by two major companies. Woolworths and Coles. Like you, I wonder if Cosco will benefit us as you have to buy such big quantities. I'm sure GOF* would love the freeby food too. (Grumpy Old Fart)

  5. You can even make Cosco fun to read about....I am still laughing.

  6. I'm lucky - we have Costco - Sam's - and BJ's! sandie