Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What a View! - The Spot I Am In

This is part of a new series entitled The Spot I Am In.  Hope you enjoy it!
Forest 1

This morning I awoke in my own bed, which is still new enough to be a treat after spending six months in K.'s guest bedroom.  He is, fortunately, doing well enough that I can now come home in the evenings and go back each morning for caregiver duties.

When the LOC* and I hear the pitter-patter of Holly's little toenails on the hardwood floor outside our bedroom, we know it is about time to feed her and let her outside.  (*Lovable Old Coot)

Then the LOC turns on the heat and opens the bedroom drapes...and oh, what a view.  The pine forest is just outside our window!  The sky is blue and cloudless and the sun is shining.  Two mornings ago when I opened the drapes, there were six pairs soft brown eyes staring at me, as the deer wandered lazily about our backyard, grazing on the new spring grass.  What a view!

Now I have seen some wonderful views in my lifetime.  The sights from the top of Pike's Peak in Colorado, the scene from the rim of the Grand Canyon, the amazing forests and mountains visible from the front porch of the home of poet William Cullen Bryant (which I will tell you more about in an upcoming post), a three-hundred year old copper beech tree a town square in Massachusetts, the lone cypress tree on the Pacific Coast outside of Monterey, the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland..... I can hardly keep myself from blithering on indefinitely.

Obviously, I love a good view; and I am completely enamoured with the views from our current windows here in the Sierra foothills.  But there is a view coming that will outshine them all.

We are told that Moses viewed the promised land from the top of Mt. Pisgah, but he never got to enter it.  But we will be blessed to view gates of pearl, streets of gold, and a city whose builder and maker is God.  The views will be colorful, beautiful and amazing.

Unlike my current view, however, they will also be one other thing - endless!  An eternal view - talk about something to look forward to. 

Hope your view is a good one today.  But if it is otherwise, please take a moment to consider that endless view that is in our future.  Until next time ... your friend with a viewpoint, Marsha


  1. Oh I can just imagine your view...His beauty here on earth is nothing to compare to what He has in store for us.

    I look forward.

    Glad you are having some home time and your son is doing better. Blessings

  2. Beautiful words, beautiful post! Thank you for pointing our eyes in the right direction today.

  3. Great post! There is nothing so wonderful as your very own bed!!

  4. Good post, Marsha! We could all stand to enjoy the eternal view a little bit more. It's way to easy to obsess about things that only matter for now.

  5. Oh it must be nice to get back to your own bed after so long. The view from your window sounds lovely.

  6. I am so glad you are back home, sleeping in your new own bed, and waking up to your own beautiful view!
    Great news that your son has improved too!
    I bet LOC is glad to have you home again, albeit in the evenings.

  7. Love the photo. It is so pleasant to be able to enjoy the view from your own windows.