Monday, March 19, 2012

Rainy Days and Mondays - Wrinkled Brows

Note: Wrinkles Brows is a series on a word or a quote of interest (perhaps only to me.)

"... rainy days and Mondays always bring me down..." 
 ~ song by the Carpenters

Image Ref: 12-33-37 - Daffodils, Viewed 5177 timesThose of you who are old enough may recall this melancholy song by the Carpenters (a brother and sister duo) from the 1960's.  While I loved the melody, and although Karen Carpenter had a beautiful voice with a haunting quality to it, I never could really identify with the theme of this song.

I like it when it rains.  I like to watch the rain falling, I like the sound of it on my roof (and now upon my skylight too), and I love what it does for the spring flowers.

Granted, it was another  hectic morning around here (at K's house) where his nurse did not show and did not call.  We were finally running out of time for her visit, as the transport van was due to pick him up for hyperbaric treatment soon.  So we called her number, only to learn that she was in the hospital for emergency gall stone surgery.  Poor P., she works so hard and has been such a blessing to us through this whole thing.

Then, while his ride to the clinic is waiting, he gets ready to transfer from the bed to his wheelchair, and lo and behold his cushion must be swapped out for a different one due to functional difficulties.

But you know what .... K. and I had just had a really good conversation about the fact that everyone has challenges and difficulties in their life.  Everyone - period!  The only real difference is that some are dealing with  their problems and others are just plain old in denial.

Karen Carpenter died of anorexia, weighing only 80 lbs. They found her curled up in the floor of her closet - dead.  That is what staying in denial will do for you.

Meanwhile, I watch K. wheel out the door, headed for the van that will take him to the hyperbaric chamber, and hear him give a cheery "hello" to the driver, despite the harried morning we have just had.  He is dealing with his difficulties.

And I am sure trying to do that as well.  Dealing or denying - which side of that choice matrix are you on today?  Because it is for certain that we each have our own share of problems.  

The choice of whether to deny them or deal with them as best we can is always up to us.  No, rainy days and Mondays do NOT get me down.

Hope your day is full of sunshine and daffodils; but if it is not, I do hope you are choosing to deal rather than deny.  Until next time ...Marsha


  1. Well good post dear, yep we all have our difficulties, and whether to ignore or handle is the main question, praise God he gives me grace to handle the ones that come into my life, and like every one I have had some doosies. Have a great day, and may God bless you real good.

  2. This is such a wonderful post. We all have the choice to deal or to deny. The ones who learn to deal, like your son, have such richness ahead of them, in spite of their situations. The other who deny, like Karen, have such sadness in their lives.

    This was very well written- enjoyed it!

  3. What a great post Marsha, you and K have such a great attitude to life.
    I always thought Karen Carpenter had a wonderful voice and what a waste of a wonderful talent and life. So very sad!!!

  4. I love the wonderful attitude you've taught your son to cultivate - it will contribute so much towards keeping him healthy! Like mother, like son.

  5. It has been a beautiful, windy, warm day here, but heavy rains are on their way - already visable on the radar. I don't mind an occassional rainy day, especially if I know it's coming and can plan accordingly, but I'm a gal who really NEEDS sunshine in my life. Perhaps I'm a bit spoiled. Lol...Glad the days plans for K moved forward after the glitches. Hugs to you, Ms. Marsha!

  6. You have been a champion at dealing with all the challenges that life has dealt you. You are an inspiration. While you are dealing with a disabled son and the nurse out of action our biggest challenge is trying to learn a new apple iphone and trying to come to terms with how hard it is to get our slow old brains around this new technology.