Friday, March 30, 2012

The LOC Ran Over My Daffodils - The Spot I Am In

They were coming along beautifully.  Elegant green stems standing straight and true.  Bright yellow petals opening in the late-coming spring sunshine.  Little orange and white centers adding zest to their presentation.  Daffodils.  "My" daffodils.  

But the driveway is a tad quirky.  The original owners had it built to swerve around a toyon tree that juts into one portion of the aggregate driveway.  Thus, if my Buick is in the right-hand lane of the driveway, then the *LOC's pickup must swing a little left to avoid both said Buick and the toyon tree. (Lovable Old Coot*)

I didn't like that whole arrangement the first time I noticed it.  I like it even less now.  And a "toyon" tree?  What kind of tree is that anyhow?  Oh, yes, I looked it up, and it did not look like anything that would be worth curving an entire driveway around.

And now the doggoned thing has hastened the demise of my freshly blooming daffodils.  I'm bummed.

Tell you what I'm going to do though.  I'm having that dratted tree removed, and the driveway widened.  

Not just because of the daffodils, of course.

But that certainly clinches the deal.

For today, the LOC is backing out very, very carefully, because he knows that with about one more daffodil-killing incident, I may just decide to have him removed too.

Just kidding ....sort of ....

Hope your daffodils were not decimated today, or anything else you liked.  Until next time .... Marsha


  1. LOL Forgive the laugh, but this reminds me of a similar situation involving our oldest son and my favorite yellow rose bush! Hadn't thought about that in years. ;-)

  2. Oh no! I never heard of a Toyon tree, but I think a wider driveway is certainly needed more!

  3. We moved the rocks along our driveway and placed the back. Now we have a whole line of daffodils that come up just inside the rocks right in the path. So far noone has run over them. I certainly can understand this blog. ha ha

  4. Oh no- that's a terrible feeling, especially when they're coming along so well. Hopefully there's time to get some more going, and widening the driveway certainly sounds like a great idea~

  5. Bless his heart ... and yours. Don't have him removed; ever how tempting it is. LOL

  6. So funny Martha! All our daffs have succumbed to cold weather after some really beautiful stuff. Hope it gets warmer again this week and your driveway keeps all it's lanes straight.

  7. How sad: flattened daffodils... Don't get rid of the LOC though - I'm sure he's very sorry. And hopefully he didn't take all of them out?

  8. Oh dear, how annoying. I bet your LOC felt terrible about it too. You told the story well and it made me smile a wee bit.
    Thank you so much for you lovely comment on my sunset post, you made me blush :))