Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Jam-Packed: The Move Is On

Moving van rental quote for moving service.Tomorrow the big move finally happens.  In some ways it has all come together pretty quickly. 

It is our first move in over twenty years.  Boy, have we accumulated a lot of stuff.  And that is mostly just what it is -  just stuff. 

The fact that I have now been absent from home for three months, living out of one suitcase shows just how little of that "stuff" is really necessary for daily living.  But I do miss some of it.

The LOC* told me that he wrapped my teapots carefully. And I appreciate that.  However, his son, who helped him pack up the kitchen, said he also packed jars - lots of jars.  We don't need jars.  I haven't canned anything since 1978. I don't want those jars, but the LOC* kept them. (*Lovable Old Coot)

J. said, "Dad, you are seventy years old, its time to get rid of the jars."  The LOC just looked at him and said, "But I might need them sometime."  Uh - huh. 

Then there is his mug collection, his DVD collection, his sports memorabilia collection .... need I go on?  I have heard that in every marriage it is likely that one is a collector and one is a tosser.  In our household, I am the tosser.  If I have not used it in the past year, out it goes.  My ideal dresser drawer is one that is only two-thirds full.

I like bare places in the floor space, open areas on the walls, and room to move around in the garage.  The LOC, left untended (which I most certainly do not intend to do) would cover every square inch of every wall in the house with family photos.  Every square foot of the garage would contain a box, a bin, or a piece of equipment.  He has a bicycle with two flat tires that he refuses to get rid of "in case he needs it in an emergency."  Really ?

What's the plan?  Put the emergency on "pause" while he pumps up the bike tires?  I'm just saying.

Tonight, when I called to see how he was holding up, because I cannot be there and he is doing this solo now that J. has returned to Portland, he proudly but tiredly told me he had packed another fifty boxes today.  Another fifty!  Can we say jam-packed?

Thank the lord, the movers come tomorrow and he will be forced to stop and just leave some of it.  And the following day, all our stuff will arrive at the new house, just 15 minutes from where I am staying with K., and I can begin to sort - and toss - and sort - and toss - and .....  until we are no longer jam-packed.  I hope ...
                                          * * * *
Hope whatever you are jamming or tossing tonight, you are doing it with a smile.  Until next time ...Marsha


  1. Yay! Moving Day, how exciting...and tiring, but exciting! New beginnings and a fresh start in your lovely, personally selected home. I'm so thrilled for you Marsha. Remember Rome wasn't built in a day and you can take your time emptying and tossing.
    Hugs to you and YAY!

  2. Oh my goodness your are moving into you new place - how excitiing. So much work though - I don't envy you in that respect.
    What is it with men and saving stuff - my husband is exactly the same.
    Good luck with your move and have fun. :)

  3. So glad it's finally here for you. I do hope and pray all goes well and that everything makes it in one piece!

  4. I hope the move goes well and that your teapots arrive at the new location in perfect condition.

  5. Mister is a "jammer" - he has stacks of books EVERYWHERE!! I am a Tosser. Sometimes we clash, but it's worked for 42 years so I expect that it will work for 42 more! So glad you'll soon be "at home" close by. Hope things are going well for your son.

  6. Oh blessings...just had a move myself and I couldn't believe how much stuff we had...even after de-junking before the move I am still doing it once we moved.

    Pat on the back to hubby...and blessings on your new adventure.

  7. Good luck with your move, Marsha! It will be a glorious mess, but I love the cleansing feeling I get putting things away (and sometimes tossing!)

  8. Moving is so hard! Believe me, I do understand Marsha. But you will get through this time, I know.

    Blessings and love,