Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Visiting the Neighborhood

We are still in the middle of unpacking and it looks as if it may go on for a while.  I am hoping that New Year's Eve (of 2015) will find us settled in, but if that is to happen we are going to have to pick up the pace. 

At this rate it could be years before we find the spare light bulbs or the extra bed linens.  We did find keys ... to things we have not owned for twenty years!

In view of my current time constraints, today I thought I would offer a few suggestions for good places (blogs) to visit where friends of mine share their thoughts.  Each of these writers will give you a smile and/or offer something to think about.

Until Next time ... Marsha

Sonja over a bits and pieces always has something fun to share or some well-honed wisdom to offer.

Clint at Lyrics of Love and Lore is fun to visit, too; although sometimes he is full of baloney.  :)

Janette at Janette's Sage shares good thoughts.

Denise at The Quiet Quill offers thoughtful insights and warm glimpses of family life at their house.

Rick Watson at Life 101 usually will offer a few good chuckles about life in the south.

                                                                  * * * *
There are lots of additional blogs that I also enjoy, but time did not permit me to list them all.  Please accept my apologies to those I regularly visit, but did not list today.  Catch you another time.  :)


  1. It's always good to hear of other bloggers to visit. Hope your unpacking goes smoothly. :)

  2. Moving is the worst activity. The packing and the unpacking but when it is all over it is satisfying. I don't know how you have time to move and look after your son full time too. Superwoman. Thanks for the blog suggestions.

  3. No telling what sort of treasures you will find as you unpack. When you're finally finished you'll feel as though all your things are new!
    Love to find new Bloggers and some of these you mentioned are new to me. YEAY!

  4. I still have 3 bins in the garage that are loaded with who knows what from when our 3 were kids and we first moved!! That is a LONG time ago!!

    I can't imagine all you are doing these days, really! I know how we love to get our nests 'feathered', but I hope you will pace yourself... it'll all still be there later, and aren't I the classic example! :)

    Thank you for your kind words.

    Rest when you can...