Friday, October 28, 2011

Moving Marathon

For those of you who have never stumbled in here before, we just moved for the first time in over twenty years.  It has been a daunting effort.  And I certainly cannot complain as the *LOC has done the lion's share of the packing and unpacking. (*Lovable Old Coot)

The view out the kitchen window
I on the other hand, have popped in from time to time, and placed a little item or two that appealed to me.  The little welcome ceramic in the kitchen garden window appealed to me.  The LOC didn't even notice it was there for two days.  Of course that could be because he was knee deep in boxes in the garage.
The stained glass window by the front entry way.

Sometimes I just admire the little details that made this house so appealing in the first place.  This window is just what I would have chosen myself, if I had been building this house.  I love roses and I love stained glass, so a window of stained glasses with roses as the artistic theme, well, it just makes you think this is the house we were supposed to "find."

However, while I am bringing new favorite things in, or admiring the ones that were already in place when we got here, the LOC is still out in the garage plowing through the flotsam and jetsam of our lives.  I'm inclined to just ditch it all and start fresh. 

Not very practical, I suppose.  But very tempting.

Your priorities get strangely skewed when you unpack.  I have not yet found the Claddaugh ring the LOC bought me when we were in Ireland earlier this spring.  And I have no anxiety about it at all, although it was fairly expensive.

But I was uneasy until I found the little plastic coffee scoop that my mom used every day of her life for decades.  Technically, it probably isn't worth ten cents, but it is worth a great deal to me.

Meanwhile, the LOC is finally feeling more "at peace" as he finally found the box that contained all his USB ports, thumb drives (quite frankly, I have no idea what it is you drive with only your thumb), his HDMI cords (apparently those are nearly priceless) and all the other mysterious treasures that make his day.

                                               * * * * *

So whether you are finding new treasures, or enjoying old ones, hope you are enjoying this evening.  Until next time ...Marsha


  1. Your new home sounds and looks absolutely lovely. Your stained glass window is wonderful.

  2. Your own stained glass window - it was "meant to be"!

  3. I love the stained glass window. I'm glad you found your mom's coffee scoop. I understand the sentiment such an item has.

  4. The joys of unpacking. You are lucky to have such a helpful LOC. It sure is tempting to toss and start again.

  5. It looks beautiful, I'm smitten with your trees!!

  6. Thanks for the comment on my Sun City Fall leaf. Our daughter who lost her husband to cancer last June will move into her new place next week, but without her husband of 10 years. She is 39 and her picture is on my blog under still in the game and to the left with my wifes mothers grand kids. She died 3 weeks before our daughters husband died. It was a tough summer for all of us. She will have some hard times when she moves her things now in storage to her new place with many items that she and her husband bought together. Pray for her Marsha as she is getting on with her life anew. She is a fighter and always loved Jesus from her childhood. My wife and I celebrated our 44th in Idyllwild as seen on my blog. Have a great week ahead.

  7. the stained glass window is breath-taking!
    your place looks awesome, enjoy!

  8. Every time we moved in our 45 yrs. of marriage, hubby packed and I joyfully unpacked and decorated. This time hubby can't do it any more. I am soooo grateful that our oldest was able to free up some time to help with the packing. Once again, I look forward to unpacking. I can't believe that with everything we gave away, recycled, or tossed, we still have too much stuff for that tiny 2 bedroom apartment! Love your stained glass window and the view from the kitchen!