Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Fixed Spot

File:Geek Squad.svg

Whew!  We finally have our wi-fi spot fixed - and now both the big guy who is "down for count" (my older son, K.) recuperating from surgery, and I can both be online at the same time.  Woo-hoo!

The Geek Squad came today and fixed us right up.  Of course, I think the term "squad" was a bit of a misnomer, as the young fellow who showed up on our doorstep was all by his lonesome.  I was expecting someone in cargo shorts, flip-flops and an earring.  Fooled me.  He had on black slacks, white shirt, black tie and an employee ID badge.  Looked like he had both bathed and shaved recently, too.  Sooprise, sooprise!

When I reflected on my preconception of what to expect, I was amused to recall that I similarly surprised a few folks a couple of years back.

My employer had just purchased a company in the Midwest and as the VP of HR I was tasked with going back to hold a marathon of employee meetings to acquaint the new folks with our benefits package, the new terms and conditions of their employment, etc.

I know, it sounds deadly dull; but it turned out to be a lot of fun.  After the first two or three meetings, one of the employees took me aside and said, "Boy, were they ever smart to send you out here."

I was perplexed, and said, "Thank you.  But how so?"

The new colleague replied, "Well, when we heard we had been purchased by a California company, and that they were sending someone to tell us how things were going to be, we were expecting someone with purple hair, tattoos, and nose rings.  We were sure relieved to see you show up."

I laughed so hard I nearly cried.  My professional wardrobe was about as sedate as you can get, running to navy blue and black suits, slacks and jackets, with pastel blouses.  And at at my age, you don't want anyone or anything poking any holes in you that are not absolutely necessary.

As George Clooney was quoted as saying, "After forty, its all about plugging up the holes in the boat."  Amen, brother.  Say on.

So here's to the occasional pleasant surprise, even in the middle of a tough situation.  And to the Geek Squad, those of us who are technically challenged, we salute you!  Thank you for fixing our spot.

Hope wherever you happen to be this weekend, that you have found your happy spot.  Until next time ... Marsha


  1. LOL. I love our Geek Squad guy, Scotty. He is always dressed as you described, clean and geeky. Scotty is a computer whiz and sadly he has recently relocated to Virginia. So, the next time we need him we will get a new Geekster from the Squad. Virginiq people are gettong a gem when they call and get Scotty!...Glad you are able to compute and hope your son is recouping nicely.

  2. This mornings happy spot was at Ihop and their world famous pancakes. This has been a tough summer for us as my wifes mother passed away in May and our son in law passed in June leaving our 39 year old daughter a widow and no children. Her happy spots are really hard to find and ours has been like a breakfast at ihop twice a week. robert-7000ft

  3. Always a surprise to have presentable and capable technicians these days. Glad you can wi fi together.

  4. This is great...don't we all have our stereo typed mind sets. We all don't wear cowboy hats and ride horses here in Texas either.

    So glad you got it all working...blessings, strength and healing to you all.

  5. To all the above:

    Thanks so much for the comments.

    Yes, sterotypes are tricky things sometimes.

    And yes, yippee we are indeed connected. :)