Sunday, July 3, 2011

We've Been and Done - and We're Done

Cars 2 was fun, and so was the popcorn.  But what was most fun was watching the expressions on the two youngest faces as they laughed and hooted.

Then it was home to rest up a bit for round two.  While we rested we scrap booked.  We took Brynn (eight years old) to Michael's the other day, and as we rounded the aisle with all the stickers and "bling" for decorating scrapbooks, she just threw her little arms in the air and said, "Now this is heaven."  :) 

She put her whole scrapbook together in one day, and her mom pronounced that Brynn had "found her happy place."

After resting a bit, we headed off for adventure two of the day, the Long Beach Aquarium.  Parker was determined to find Larry the Lobster, whose acquaintance he had previously made.  Larry wasn't home but several of his ugly cousins were.

We snapped pictures right and left as the kids all let the lorakeets land on their hands and eat from the little nectar cups, thoughtfully provided by the management.  I used to work in management, and I now realize things might have gone more smoothly if we had provided nectar cups.  Oh, well, you live and learn
Picture of colorful fish at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, CA

We stopped off at Islands
for dinner on the drive home.  Parker declared he plans to engage in extreme wake boarding as soon as he is old enough - say about nine (he is now six).

Now if I can just figure out how to get the pictures from my camera to zip across that USB port and onto this computer, life will be complete. 

Come to think of it though, it already is.  Hope you had a good holiday weekend, and spent some time in your happy place.  I'm resting in mine. ... Marsha


  1. What a great day! Have a wonderful Fourth!

  2. LOL! I love the idea of nectar cups. I think we need some at church. :-)

  3. My idea of a perfect day!! Scrapbooking, family, grandchildren and going out to dinner...heaven!!