Sunday, July 3, 2011

We Are Off to the Movies !!

Poster art for "Cars 2."Still visiting with grandchildren, and today we are off to the cinema.  Cars 2 is on the agenda and I am looking forward to the experience.  I have never been to the movies with the younger two of the three kids before.  That is what living 400 miles apart gets you.

I look forward to the innocent pleasure of being able to sit in a darkened theater with them, eating popcorn and laughing together at "Mater" - that's like "tuh-mater, only without the "tuh" - as Mater so thoughtfully explains in the first Cars movie.

My husband is sometimes astounded at the gap, approximately the size of the Grand Canyon, in my movie viewing.  He still cannot quite conceive of the reality that for nearly two decades I almost never went to a movie theater, and in those days (before VCRs) they did not show many movies on TV.  Thus the gargantuan gap.

At that time, I was part of a fellowship that seriously frowned upon taking part in such "worldly pleasures" such as movie-going.  While they had some valid points of objection (the content and philosophy of many movies being diametrically opposed to any basic Christian stance) I now believe they went a bit too far in their conservatism.

This is not to pronounce them "wrong" - it is simply to say that my own views have altered regarding complete abstention from movies.  I sure am glad I am past that hurdle, otherwise I would not be able to enjoy this fun adventure with the "grands" later today.

I wonder what other "simple life enjoyments" I may have missed, perhaps by holding views which are too narrow? 

Have any of your "life views" or positions on what is "right and wrong" changed?  I realize that what God says is "wrong" is immutable and absolute.  But what man says is "right or wrong" is a human interpretation and may, in and of itself, be in error.  I'm just saying....

Hope you spend this holiday weekend enjoying all the "right stuff".  :)  .... Marsha


  1. I grew up in the same manner. We weren't allowed to go to movies, and we didn't have a tv until I was in fifth grade. The tv part really wasn't a problem. We read lots of books. I did miss movies though.
    Things have changed. Most of the people who were against movies have now gone to them!

  2. We sure have this in common and came to the same conclusions myself. The freedom that we have is not license however. Some are weaker and cannot handle the freedom and I don't want to flaunt it and lead someone astray. Perhaps they'll grow as well. Hubby and I did go to some movies, but honestly, it's far too expensive and rich for our budget!! We're homebodies and prefer to rent a movie - don't mind waiting until it comes out. We've kept so busy we haven't watched one in months, lol!

    Have fun with the grands!

  3. So many of our little children at school are talking about this movie and ...loved it!

    My parents were raised in a church that forbid movies, makeup, etc. They rebelled when they had us kids as they disagreed with that as a rule. I remember my grandparents thought TV was bad but would come to our house and watch our TV. :)

    I think we need to not be so black and white on these issues. Of course, discretion is important in choosing a movie. I'm amazed at what they even show on prime time TV nowadays. I often cringe thinking many children are exposed to things they have no business knowing about.

    Enjoy this time with your grandchildren!

    Blessings and love,

  4. Mari,Karin, and Debbie

    How interesting that all three of you were also raised in very conservative backgrounds (or your parents were.) I recall the first time we allowed our three children to attend a movie theater (to see Charlotte's Web) several people in our congregation were offended and let us know about it.

    Certainly, much of what is offered as entertainment today is horrible dross and not fit for human consumption.

    And I agree that were need to be careful not to confuse liberty with license. You are each such a good source of feedback. Blessings to you - Marsha

  5. My wife and I enjoy good movies. The problem is that there are so few of the good ones. Also, when we do find one that is worthwhile, we rent it at Red Box, which means we have to wait for it to become available several months after its initial release.