Thursday, July 21, 2011

In Unfamiliar Territory

There is a saying that "Today is the first day of the rest of your life."  Really?

I don't know whether to be glad, sad, or mad about that.  Maybe a little of each?

Earlier today I went to Costco to get some things for my son, for whom I am currently acting as a full-time care-giver, and glad to do so.  As I told him, there is no where else I would want to be while he needs me here. 

But let's face it, I'm shallow.  It was 98 degrees outside, the parking in the Costco lot was a zero sum game, with calamity waiting between the white stripes - people zipping in and out like their lives depended upon getting to where they were going in the next 10 seconds.  So I was hot, and sweaty and irritated. (The mad part.)

And while they were zipping, here is my son, who has the most active mind of almost anyone I know - and when he is able the most active lifestyle he can achieve - and he cannot zip anywhere.  But still he makes jokes, we discuss the national debt, we laugh and joke around, and sometimes we cry together.  (The sad part.)

And then, I remember the wonderful news we received yesterday morning, that K. does not have a potentially fatal complication from his paraplegia and his recent emergency surgery, and I am so grateful, and I smile and thank God again.  (The glad part.)

Life isn't just one thing, is it?  It is often lots of things all at once, and many of them completely contradictory.  We are curious creatures to be sure.

So today is the first day of the rest of my life.  What do I plan to do with it?  I am in unfamiliar territory. 

How about you?  What do you plan to do with the first day of the rest of your life, when tomorrow arrives?

Wishing you blue skies, green fields, and lots of smiles.  And if something else arrives, wishing you courage and stamina.
Until next time ...Marsha


  1. So much of life---maybe even ALL of it---seems out of my hands and out of control. I think that we can plan all we want, but in the end, God is calling the shots. I think it is how we deal with His leadings that determine our destinies.

  2. Oh I so usually doesn't come one thing at a time, more by the half or full dozen.

    I thought of this saying the other day...and the one that says, "live like you are dying" and I thought, sometimes that just means getting up and doing what I know to do...most days are just normal.

    Blessings and praise to God as He meets you both at each turn in this journey.

  3. I agree too.. most of our days are spent doing what we know to do for that day. Sometimes there are glitch's and sometimes things can be exciting, but it's in the one step at a time that life is happening.

    I'm so glad for yur good news this week. That makes this week in your lives a really good one.
    Enjoy your time together. What a heart blessing a son with his attitude has to be for you. I can tell you that he blesses me too!

    Starting my day... one step at a time... :)

  4. I'm impressed you managed to squeeze in a trip to Costco amongst the many other things you're managing right now!