Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Helping While Hunting

I'm back, sort of...not home, still here at my son's house about 80 miles north of Sac where we live, but back on blogger.   On his ancient desk top, so if I zip off into the ether....oh, well, I tried.  He does not have a wireless router, so my little laptop had to stay home, although she was insulted when I tried to explain she would be useless here.  (She is a sensitive little thing- one of those 10 inch notebook dealies.) 

He did get into see a doctor, not his own of course, they are either too busy or out of town, but at least we are fairly certain she actually had a medical license.  (Sometimes I cannot tell, as some of the docs I have seen in the past few years did not seem to be over 15 and a half.  Of course, my eyes are not what they used to be.)

The bad news is that he needs to "stay down" for the next few weeks, as his decubitis heals.  The good news is that they said "they have seen worse" (that is the GOOD news ???) and that if he is careful, he should be ready to go back to work next month.  He is a high school special education teacher, which means he teaches the toughest students in the land, and does it from a wheelchair.  Clearly, he is my hero!  :)

So "staying down" means he must stay in bed for approximately 23 out of every 24 hours until his skin heals.  I get fidgety when I have to stay down for more than twenty minutes, on a bad I don't know where he finds the patience and the courage - clearly not from his mother.

But he claims I am helping by just "fetching and carrying" because each trip I make, equals two transfers that he does not have to make (bed to wheelchair and wheelchair to back to bed) and every transfer saved gives his skin that much more time to get better.

So today, after feeding and watering Annie (his companion black lab) and feeding and watering him (my son), doing a little housework and a couple loads of laundry, I headed off to go house hunting.  The town we plan to move to is just 10 miles up into the foothills from where my son lives here in a valley college town and no, that is not a coincidence.  :)  I want to be nearer so that I can be more immediately available whenever he needs a hand (or a couple of feet.)  My husband, his stepdad, does not want to retire to this valley heat, and thus the closest town above 2,500 feet elevation holds real appeal.  Four seasons would be nice, too, as all we have in Sacramento, is 8 months of blistering heat, interrupted by four months of soggy, foggy, rain.

I saw two fairly decent possibilities - although the yards were a bit shaggy, and not too sure about the RV parking room (and the LOC* is fairly adamant that this is a requirement.)  He thinks we are making the RV storage owner wealthy.  I am pretty sure our little closet-sized RV is not contributing THAT much to the guy's IRA, but there is no arguing with the LOC when he has his mind made up.  *Lovable Old Coot

Also saw a foreclosure that had real potential.  Of course, my realtor would never have shown it to me, which is exactly why I had sneaked off today and looked all over creation and back all by myself.  (I can also tie my own shoelaces, thank you very much.) 

However, I did learn one new thing today, never - and I do mean NEVER - go house hunting with nothing for breakfast but a cup of coffee and a fresh pear.  I have never looked so hard, so fast for the "facilities" in my life.  Fortunately, I found a Burger King just before the ultimate humiliation.

So the hunt goes on, the beat does, too, and so does life.  With all its spots and wrinkles, I am still thankful to the One Who knows me best, and still loves me most.  Have a good evening ....Marsha


  1. Well, that is tough about your son. It'd definitely be impossible for me to stay down 23 of 24 hours withous some strong drugs.

    Just keep the faith on the house hunting. Try to stay patient, and it'll happen.

  2. Glad you are there to help your Son.
    Do you get bored? Just asking.

    Loved the line about "ultimate humiliation".
    Glad it didn't happen.

    I hope you can find exactly what you're looking for in a house. Keep lookin', but have some toast with the coffee and the pear.

  3. Your son does sound like a genuine hero. Good for you, to be available to help. That spirit of independence he has is just amazing. Reminds me of Joni Erickson Tada, another hero.

    I'm praying right now that you will be lead to the exact right home as your 'next' and that loc will love it too! :)

  4. sending good thoughts for a happy home hunting, I know the "right" place is waiting for you. Remember to take care of yourself, as well as your son.

  5. Perhaps the house-hunting is more imminent than ever?