Monday, July 11, 2011

Still Looking for the Right Spot

Tomorrow I am headed north, again, trying to kill two birds with one stone; or perhaps just wing one of them.

My oldest son needs a little help (and although he is a T-10 paraplegic he rarely asks for any help).  But he isn't feeling tip top and I am glad to stay with him a few days and see that he gets some much needed rest, while he is recouping.

It doesn't take much to please him, just bring him a glass of cold ice water from time to time, and listen to his latest political tales.  He serves on his city's planning commission, and believe me, in his city that is a hot spot to sit in.  Fortunately, well, not really but you know what I mean, he has lots of practice in sitting things out.  And he has an uncanny ability to find a good compromise, so his skills are in demand.

In between running errands for him and doing a little cooking and some cleaning, I'll try to get in a little house-hunting.  We are still looking for just the right spot to park our wrinkles.

Last time out, the guy tried to sell me a 2,500 sq. ft., one-acre plus, mini-mansion.  What part of "down sizing" doesn't this guy get?  I'm just saying.... 

The LOC* and I are both retired and we are ready to move to the foothills and live among the pine trees. But we have to find the right spot.  Seems like it ought to be easier to land at our age, given that all we really need besides decent cable reception and working A/C is a good church to attend, and one or two little cafes to break up the week.  (*Lovable Old Coot)

How hard can this be?  So far, much more difficult than you might suppose.  People try to sell you houses with purple bathrooms, or pea soup green carpet, or decks that look like they were built out of Noah's ark remnants.  Of course, all that can be fixed, but the LOC is no handyman, so one wants to be cautious about such things.

Oh, well, onward and upward.  At first, just the looking was fun.  The bloom is now definitely off of that bush.  Now the finding would be a good thing.  Until next time .... Marsha


  1. Your place is out there Marsha. Jilda and I have lived on a small farm since 1980.
    I had an hour commute (each way) when I was in "the race". Many people I worked with kept saying why don't you sell the farm and move to civilization.
    I must admit I thought about it on some of those long commutes, but we decided to stay.
    When the financial hammer dropped, many of those people who'd bought big houses in the burbs, did not fare well.
    When I "was retired", we were debt free so it made our decision to remain in the country seem fairly smart.
    I think you and the LOC will love having a little land.
    Good hunting.

  2. LOC. Too funny!!
    My LOC is not a handyman either so I "know what you mean"...Hope your son is soon feeling better. Certainly having a little TLC from Mom will be just what he needs. And perhaps this time you will make the "find". Best of luck, Marsha.

  3. House hunting is worse than a hundred root canals. We spent the last year selling and then buying, and the experience d*** near killed us. Gob bless.

  4. You make me smile. My husband is talking about retiring from the military and we're getting close to the early stages of deciding where we want to be. My only requirement is that we love the place we pick "as is" because I don't want to hear, "oh, I can fix that". I'm sure you know what I mean! :o)

  5. Noah's Ark remnants – that was a hoot!and the bloom being off the entire bush – I had only heard of the bloom being off the flower. I think it's time for someone to present you with the perfect house. Yup - I think it's time! God bless and keep you Marcia – I hearted this.:)

  6. LOL I laughed so hard when I read this last night and tried to leave you a comment so I am back tonight doing the same.
    Like Craig mentioned that comment about the bloom being of the bush was too funny.
    Hope your son feels better soon and that you find your prefect retirement dream.
    I so wish I could help you

  7. Rick, Oh how I hope you are right, and the right place really is "out there" but not too far out there.

    Sweet Tea, thanks for the smiles from you, too.

    Clint, Worse than 100 root cancals? Really. Now I am really terrified, whereas before I was only mildly scared. Shoot!

    Say What, I agree, ALWAYS suspect the "I can fix that" approach. :)

    Craig, Thanks for stopping by - glad to provide a smile or two.

    Grandma Yellow Hair, Well, mine used to be, but now it is more grey. :)

    Have a good evening to all, and thanks for your comments. ...Marsha