Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Permanent Wave

Mondays - Wrinkled Brows

(A weekly - more or less - Monday post of a quote or word of interest.)

Permanent:  to endure, to continue to endure, lasting or enduring without marked or fundamental change,

Permanent:  a chemical hair treatment of long-lasting nature which may also be known as a permanent wave.

Clearly I am not "permanent" - as there have been a number of marked, and fundamental, changes in me over the years.  I am not as tall, nor as small, as I used to be.  Something changed.  I seem to have shrunk vertically, and not-shrunk horizontally.  Now that just doesn't seem fair, but it is what it is.

Neither is my recall quite as quick as it once was.  I recently lamented that I only got four out of five Jeopardy "questions" correct in a category.  The look the LOC* shot me had not changed from the last time he gave me one of those.  (Lovable Old Coot*) 

I used to regularly wax those TV contestants, from the comfort of my own easy chair.  Lately my "wax jobs" are a little streaky.

And my hair, well, now that is an interesting thing.  When I left the world of business, and became a stay-at-home person of a certain age, I decided to go au naturale.  That is I stopped putting any coloring on my hair, and over the past year or so it has turned a nice shade of....well, I am not quite sure what shade it is.  Seems to be several at once, but I am okay with it.

I was strolling down the aisle at Walmart the other day, and a lady stopped me and said, "You have beautiful hair."

I was startled, as that had not happened in a while.  So I smiled, and said, "Thank you.  It just grows right out of my head this way."  I don't know quite know why I said that, but I did.  Like I said, I was startled.

Those permanent waves were not.  Trust me on this.  You had to get them "renewed" about twice a year, and then you had to avoid all human contact for at least a week while the smell died down, or your hair quit smelling like something had crawled into it and died.

Thus, nothing stays the same.  Everything changes.  Nothing is really permanent at all.  But sometimes that can be a good thing.  Here is to waving goodby to what used to be, and to looking ahead to whatever is coming our way.

Happy Monday ...  Marsha


  1. You are absolutely right. Nothing is really permanent. Some things are less permanent than others. I guess that is what keeps life interesting. How boring it would be if nothing in our lives changed. Some changes are for the good while others are not so good (like growing old) However the change from permanent work to retirement is a good one. Enjoy!

  2. "looking ahead"
    You said it.
    That's the secret to staying vibrant and interesting, like you. There's no quitting or
    long-term looking back, we've gotta keep moving forward. Forward; March!

  3. Oh this was part of my husband and my conversation...I was complain, "now why would it matter if this body part stayed where it was suppose to...would it really hurt things if it defined gravity!" He laughed.

    No change is part of life and without it life would be very boring. So many changes have been for the better...still wish the body could keep some things the same. LOL

  4. The only constant is change. I'm not too good at it, but what choice do I have? Lord have mercy.

  5. That's funny. A hair "permanent" would only last about six months. True.

    "Change is permanent." So true.